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t15732.52021-03-21cant we edit the character info ?i understand your point ill go ahead and edit the roles though i do not think i'm wrong because I'm pretty sure i went through the game thoroughly
t15732.32021-03-21cant we edit the character info ?i understand it does so does getchu site link i dont understand in what far fetched scenario this is even remotely possible other than like the
t15732.12021-03-21cant we edit the character info ?why does it say that "Takagaki Keiichi" is the protagonist ? the protagonist is "Sawatari You" "Takagaki Keiichi" is even almost not around if a
t14104.22021-03-21Simple question"mandatory" but as irrelevant and minor as can be in this game
t6458.1792020-06-14Changing Username?oh ..... how about Palaxius then ? . . . . thanks a ton
t6458.1772020-06-14Changing Username?Hi, could you please change my username to Lucian ?