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t18541.52022-06-09AMBITIOUS MISSION ROUTE GUIDEYou can just use google translate. Nothing too difficult about it...
t18541.12022-06-08AMBITIOUS MISSION ROUTE GUIDESince nobody haven't made a guide. Here you go!!! link Enjoy!!!
t18458.12022-05-26English Translation?Any chance this is gonna be released in English? (MOD EDIT: unlinked from AMBITIOUS MISSION; read d6#8)
t18406.12022-05-18MTLAnybody knows if someone will make MTL patch on this one? (MOD EDIT: unlinked from Futamata Ren'ai: d6#8)
t18372.22022-05-14The walkthroughThere is literally a clue in every choice. You don't need a guide.
t16175.72022-03-21English translation???Just got my copy on nine new episode! Planning to read this as soon as possible. :)
t17508.12021-12-18Hanako RouteI wish there was a dedicated route for Hanako. MC's chemistry with her is really good.
t16175.42021-11-09English translation???Tbh, I don't expect anything from this soon, maybe in 2 years or more there might be....
t16175.12021-06-03English translation???I've just finished episode 4 and it was a blast!!! Just wondering if part 5 will be translated soon.