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t8242.13842023-03-22The how to edit threadWhy are some characters' names translated in the romanization field when there's no English translation for the vn? For example School Principal (God)
t3314.31022023-03-09TraitsWhy is Subject of (Sexual) > Heart Shaped Cutout in Subject of (Sexual) and not in Clothing? When I saw this on a character I thought at first glance
t19564.62023-02-25What’s the English translation quality like?#5, What's "absolutely horrendous" about my points? If you're talking about the "learn Japanese" part; OP had already heard opinions elsewhere and
w5993.22023-02-04Gore Screaming ShowWell in the "better" routes there's only more boring troupes, no mindblowing amazing story or anything like that, so if OP was bothered by the
t19742.22023-01-31Regarding c202.46Those general parent traits referring to her casual outfit serve no point since she can already be found under the dress and hat categories because
t19645.42023-01-25Still happening?Last update in December link
t19564.32023-01-14What’s the English translation quality like?#2, How is the trauma and depression displayed as a joke? I don't remember reading anything like that. Interesting that a native speaker had to look
t19613.82023-01-05what are the most underrated VNs?Hurts my heart to see these so underrated: I/O MYTH Sekai Metsubou Kyouyuu Gensou "Mamiya" Series soundless - A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA - I
w1039.82023-01-03Hakuchuumu no AojashinLOL What's there to be jealous about? A rapist middle-aged teacher taking advantage of his mentally vulnerable teenage student who has serious father
w1039.62023-01-01Hakuchuumu no AojashinThat's pretty funny since it was the Case that made me almost drop it.
w1039.42023-01-01Hakuchuumu no AojashinCase 1 is so disgusting and bad, oof.
w5767.32022-12-29Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta WakeWhat do those kerning issues matter? I don't see anything more than a mild misplacement of letters.
t8242.13212022-12-10The how to edit threadWhat was the stance with instances of characters where only the sprite art is different? For example Tennouji Nae, I don't see any other difference
w5638.12022-12-07Gore Screaming Show"Overall a decent read, but in my opinion Gore Screaming Show is aimed at players who prefer lots of gorey H-scenes with plot on a backseat, and
w5623.32022-12-05Sweetest Monster RefrainI understood that but I just don't like how it's completely cut how it progresses to that from the ending scenes.
w5623.12022-12-05Sweetest Monster RefrainBoth endings are still left pretty open though :/ I hate open endings so much... But I guess ebi just couldn't figure out how the endings could
t19454.132022-12-05Merry Christmas! What's your favourite Winter VN?Yes, The Snow. of course
w5596.62022-11-29Gore Screaming ShowWow Altarius, well done putting all kinds of spoilers out there for all to see.
t10302.5222022-11-26Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#520, You being triggered by them will probably just fuel the trolls. Try not to care about the rankings of the novels too much.
w5521.22022-11-25Gore Screaming ShowCool, I was already getting bored while playing Akane's and currently on Aoi's route, I was wondering if it will ever get good. Good to know the
t19299.92022-10-30Regarding c757.29Thanks guys, I already started sweating anxiously at the thought that I've been mistaken somehow in this case and made mistakes in my edits here and
t19299.32022-10-30Regarding c757.29I've been following this: d5#3 "Here on, we prefer to use the order that the original game used. " Nothing inconsistent or unclear about
t19299.12022-10-30Regarding c757.29In the official site it's the western order link, I cba to check in-game but at least the protagonist is western order in-game too so would make
t8242.12652022-10-24The how to edit threadI just edited them to be consistent. Warfoki had romanized レズ as Lez so I just went with it. I don't really care how it's romanized as long as it's
t18044.32022-10-12This is literally the best thing I've experienced"And no I'm not going to read Fata or Umineko"Tragic. Simply tragic.
t19192.32022-10-10About c111103.9By the way, the traits need to reflect the characters' role, actions, items, clothes, hair, etc of the characters in _this game_, not outside of it
t19192.22022-10-10About c111103.9Her name is in-game Amelia Watson (link). It doesn't matter what her name is outside the game.
t950.13902022-10-04VNDB Suggestions!Hahah :D Thanks, now my Finnish patriotic heart can be at peace.
t950.13882022-10-04VNDB Suggestions!I just scaled that pic in MS Paint lul link
t950.13862022-10-04VNDB Suggestions!Dunno where to ask this but could Yorhel change the Finnish flag? It bothers me that the cross is so thin. This is how the official flag looks like: l
t19153.242022-09-30Fifteen 🎉Happy birthday 🎉 Time flies, feels like the last birthday was just few months ago.
t19147.22022-09-29ARE All the H scene is GAY? is it worth to play?Yes, all the H-scenes are gay, this is a gay vn. You can see it in the tags: "Male on Male Sex Only".
t3314.29732022-09-24TraitsThere's a bit to be corrected about Role > Head of Household. The link goes nowhere useful, there's a typo (indivduals), and maybe should have the
t12334.252022-09-15greatest vn story?"the original was free after all. The moment that changed, the dude should've made into the joke he clearly is all across the net, though."The
w5038.32022-09-08Muv-Luv AlternativeI dislike the narration of Tsukihime and its protagonist in general. I've tried to read it two times already but I just can't go on lol
w5038.12022-09-08Muv-Luv AlternativeI'd like to read your review of Tsukihime or Cross Channel, I have a feeling it could be fun :D
w4899.12022-08-179-nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroI thought too that broski and its variations were hilarious. I don't see why people are so butthurt by them.
t18927.42022-08-13Regarding c3558.31You can't compare those examples with Rika's instances. In an interview Ryukishi07 has said: "Bernkastel is composed of all the negative emotions and
t18927.22022-08-13Regarding c3558.31That thread is talking about the description which was not spoilered, not about the instances that are put as spoilers. Beliar can come correct it
t18924.62022-08-13What do you connect with fuwanovel?I've used it for walkthroughs, nothing else really.
t18693.102022-07-03Sekai Project New TitlesOnly one I care about is Inupara :3
t3314.29032022-06-21TraitsSo is Engages in > Infanticide intended for only infants or should it be a trait for murdering one's own child of any age (even adult)? I checked
t18081.152022-06-20>Unknown Gender Protagonist"They discuss being married even."What century are you living? It's 2022, lesbians can get married in many places.
t18081.112022-06-20>Unknown Gender Protagonist#10, It's not up to our opinions to decide if lesbians can shake their beds when they fuck (lol). If the gender isn't clearly stated somehow other
t18081.62022-06-18>Unknown Gender Protagonist#5, I don't know Japanese enough. Care to translate?
t7442.9372022-05-26Game inclusion in the DBLack of narration doesn't mean that it isn't a vn. We have Dialogue Based after all.
t18259.42022-05-23Wildest theory that turned out wrong? (SPOILERS)@goober53, Amazing, that's such an interesting theory! I don't know if I remember right but wasn't Sai a bit hesitant to give his name when asked
w4272.52022-05-15Umineko no Naku Koro niEdit: stupid comment, can't remove so I edit.
w4272.32022-05-15Umineko no Naku Koro ni@dastruller, lmao you really think too highly of yourself. I'm in my 30s and this is my fave vn after FataMoru. I think the themes just aren't for
t17827.122022-05-15WHITE ALBUM 2 CODAKazusa true didn't seem healthy for anyone. It's not healthy for someone to cling onto one person like Kazusa does and it's not healthy for Haruki to