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t2108.38092021-06-16Candidates for deletionMOTION LO 01 this looks more like a comic than a vn, at least judging by the screenshots.
t2108.38052021-06-15Candidates for deletionMaker4D example game so uhh is this an actual novel or just an engine?
t2108.37932021-06-11Candidates for deletionExciting Plunge - Visual Novel I can't find anything about this being in development.
t16202.102021-06-10I think I have an addiction to fapping seeing this@5 That sounds like a pasta lmao
t8242.5882021-06-10The how to edit threadv17909.36 made me wonder... I think the logo one is better and is an official promo image of the game but 707 thinks otherwise apparently. Which one
t2108.37902021-06-08Candidates for deletionThe two TBA releases of Reach for the Stars probably won't happen. Kickstarter has been dead for 2 years.
t2108.37842021-06-07Candidates for deletionr31372 has been 7 years without updating.
t7442.7812021-06-06Game inclusion in the DBDoes this link count as a VN? Its story is ADV presented dialogue with A LOT (like 50-100?) of consecutive choices that affect the outcome of the
t16101.82021-05-24Recommend short Vns@tonaki, did you read Issho ni Ikimashou in English or Japanese? If you read in Jap, is the writing hard to read for a beginner reader?
t16101.42021-05-24Recommend short VnsAlright now it's my chance to recommend all the vns nobody knows about :D here goes RB: Axolotl is a bit over 10h, might be less if you're a fast
t3314.25252021-05-23TraitsIs there much difference between a coder and a hacker? Should Hacker be a child trait of Coder? Also, can someone add aliases "hair stylist
t2108.37692021-05-22Candidates for deletionIs there any news about Magical Eyes -Indigo blue heaven- after 2016? I can't see any at least.
t7442.7602021-05-21Game inclusion in the DBBeliar would you be so kind and quickly check the game I linked above? It's quite easy to check since it can be played in browser and loads quite
t16082.42021-05-20[Spoilers]Regarding the sexual content...There's a scene where MC has sex with other female while Saya is watching IIRC. That's the NTR part I guess. Saya rapes one or two of the side
t8242.5612021-05-18The how to edit thread@Beliar, how did you know I'm a she? :D Yeah I admit I got a bit too enthusiastic about the titles but I'm happy that most of my edits were correct.
t8242.5582021-05-18The how to edit threadYou can see the original styling in the release entries.
t8242.5562021-05-18The how to edit thread@555, so you think ChäoS;HEAd would be a good idea to have as a title?
t7442.7582021-05-17Game inclusion in the DBlink does this count as a vn?
t8242.5522021-05-16The how to edit threadd2#2, imagine how messed all the titles would be if we always put the stylized title for every VN.
t8242.5502021-05-16The how to edit threadIf the other two capital Ds are meaningless then it should be fine to lowercase them for consistency's sake, as in "MinDead Blood".
t8242.5482021-05-16The how to edit threadNo, it's awesome. Pleasure for my eyes.
t8242.5462021-05-16The how to edit thread^ Should the title be "MinDead Blood" or "Mindead Blood" to make sense?
t8242.5442021-05-16The how to edit threadShould MinDeaD BlooD ~Shihaisha no Tame no Kyoushikyoku~ capital Ds be lowercased? Or is there some particular reason they should be left as it is?
w2060.22021-05-16Fata morgana no YakataLmao what? The real main story picks up after the doors.
t16020.12021-05-10Regarding c82514.15Should Haru's sex be put as male or female? There's constantly someone who puts it as female even though Haru hasn't been through the genital
t15950.262021-05-08What is your favorite heroines of all VN heroines?@stickyfingersx, If you read the post before answering, you'd know why she's not mentioned: "So, heroine heroine, the standard type which you romance
t8242.5362021-05-05The how to edit threadHaha cool, it looks alright to me :P
t8242.5342021-05-03The how to edit threadI was thinking something like the flag in Duolingo link, or the Roman flag link
t9164.62021-05-02Tanaka Romeo"Route B."No wonder that route is full of crap.
t15950.92021-05-02What is your favorite heroines of all VN heroines?Kagami Sumika and Caine Prins. Apparently I like cute redheads.
t8242.5302021-05-01The how to edit threadThere's no Latin in languages? :O I found a VN with Latin as a language but can't add it 'cause it's not an option... Shibari Mushi
t2108.37422021-04-30Candidates for deletionCaramel Mokaccino: After Hours hasn't seen changes in 5 years and the original game hasn't even gone past Alpha demo so...
t7442.7322021-04-25Game inclusion in the DB@iwannarategames, Let Beliar look into Murder by Numbers. No need for hasty deletions.
t7442.7272021-04-25Game inclusion in the DBWell I guess this is a matter of opinion and personal reading pace in this case, because I think the main dialogues last more than 2 minutes without
t7442.7252021-04-24Game inclusion in the DB"Uh, did we even play the same game? "That's what I'm wondering. The "stupid nonograms" aren't that long that I'd consider them as big interruptions
t7442.7232021-04-24Game inclusion in the DB@iwannarategames, yorhel I just started to play Murder by Numbers, played the first case through and to me it's pretty much a visual novel. I don't
t3314.24802021-04-21TraitsCould you make a "Rodent" trait and put Mouse and Squirrel as child traits? There are some rat characters too but I think there isn't enough of them
t2108.37362021-04-20Candidates for deletionFantastic Poor has many releases for the demo but I don't see any differences between them other than the platforms?
t8242.5152021-04-13The how to edit threadDiary: The Naked Truth seems to contain many short stories. Should I make just releases for all of the stories or? The stories are listed here: link
w1578.52021-03-31Iwaihime@usagi, Well at least as a fan of Ryuukishi I can tell you that if you like his writing style in general then you'll love this one too most likely
w1578.42021-03-31Iwaihimeoof bugged and posted twice-.-
t15777.22021-03-30English demoI'm also interested but idk if I care to read a demo. I don't feel like blueballing myself with an unfinished story.
t3314.24692021-03-30TraitsI think Hellhound should have an alias "demonic dog" or something.
w1730.12021-03-29Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-Finally someone agrees with me yay. This whole game left a bad taste in my mouth because of the shit with the endings, plus the horrible unlikable
t15767.112021-03-29How do you prefer these words/phrases English TLd?1. Idc either way, unless the characters aren't Japanese. If they're not Japanese, but French for example, then absolutely NO honorifics. Those would
t3617.24772021-03-26Tags suggestions/fixesQuite many titles use stock backgrounds but not sprites.
t3617.24722021-03-21Tags suggestions/fixesHow many novels does there have to be for a tag to be called useful?
t3617.24702021-03-21Tags suggestions/fixesUm why the heck was Non-twin Hero Brothers deleted? There's similar tag for heroines too (Non-twin Heroine Sisters).
t15512.82021-03-20This should be set to "Long" Length#7 Skipping half of the novel isn't the same as finishing. Anyway, I agree with the op. It took me 48 hours to finish everything so it baffles me
t15721.12021-03-19Regarding v30707.4Hi, is the official name of the series "Foot Fetish Fortress VolTitan Vs. The Jundoh Empire volume 1" with the volume in it? Are the volumes their