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VoteLabelsTitle ▴AddedStart dateFinish date
6.3FinishedA Conscious Decision2021-05-10
6.5FinishedA Day in the Life of a Slice of Bread2020-11-28
7FinishedAguni ~Unmei no Saki~2020-06-22
9Finished, UchikoshiAI: The Somnium FilesIf it wasn't for the 100 crashes that I had to suffer this would've been a bit better, I swear this is the last time I support Spike Chunshit2020-08-31
8FinishedAmbreOh god oh fuck2020-08-07
7.6FinishedAmnesia"All men are assholes" the game2020-06-22
6FinishedAnalogue: A Hate Story2020-06-22
6Finished, EbihimeAsphyxia2020-07-18
7.5FinishedA Summer with the Shiba Inu2020-11-23
8.5FinishedAtashinoririBest voice acting ever, I've never laughed at a vn so much before2020-11-28
7FinishedAtashinoriri: Kawaii Chistmas2020-11-28
4.6FinishedBaptismToo vague and lacking story all in all, ends suddenly without any decent conclusion2020-09-03
4FinishedBeskonechnoe letoI'm forever salty I can't bang the nurse2020-06-22
5FinishedBlankspaceHas all kinds of mystery questions that don't get answers, wtf, the story literally stops where you should've been getting them2021-04-28
6FinishedBoku no Kanojo wa Ecchi na Sensei2020-09-25
4DroppedBuilding our Futature2020-10-15
5FinishedButterfly Affection -Kowaku no Youchuu-2020-11-06
8.5FinishedCartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai~2020-08-23
5.5StalledChaos;HeadStarted good, but Di-swords ruined it + too much rambling2020-06-22
8.5FinishedCinderella PhenomenonBest otome periodt2020-06-22
7FinishedCooking Companions: Appetizer Edition2020-10-07
4FinishedCrimson Gray2020-06-22
3FinishedCrimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn2020-06-22
4.9FinishedCross†ChannelOverrated af lmao2020-06-22
6FinishedCursed Sight2020-07-29
6FinishedDab on Darkness!2020-06-22
-DroppedDies irae2020-06-22
-StalledDoki Doki Blue Skies2020-06-23
6.9FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!2020-06-22
6StalledDorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-I wish there was more to the story than just hanging out and fucking2020-11-06
5FinishedEden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.2020-06-22
8.6Finished, UchikoshiEver17 -The Out of Infinity-So much similarities with the 999 story oof2020-06-22
9.1FinishedFallstreakUnderrated as heck2020-06-25
9FinishedFallstreak: Requiem for My HomelandCriminally underrated2021-01-19
10FinishedFata morgana no Yakata#12020-06-22
9.5FinishedFata morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-Jacopo did nothing wrong2020-06-22
9.1FinishedFault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)2020-06-22
9FinishedFault Milestone One2020-06-22
5.5FinishedFroot Basket Valentine2020-10-13
7FinishedG-senjou no MaouWithout Eiichi I think I would've dropped this lol, Usami is funny and relatable in the start but then she becomes annoying and lame af towards the end. The story repeats itself all the time with the same pattern + the reveal of the Maou was shit.2020-06-22
7FinishedHate Plus2020-11-25
8.2FinishedHer Lie I Tried to Believe2020-09-03
9Finished, Ryuukishi07Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi YaThe music is so good oh my2020-08-10
8Finished, Ryuukishi07Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ni Ya2020-10-01
9Finished, Ryuukishi07Higurashi no Naku Koro ni2020-06-22
10Finished, Ryuukishi07Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai2020-06-22