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2021-06-087.5A Summer with the Shiba Inu
2021-06-074The Owl-Woman Oracle
2021-06-067SoulsClunky English but readable, native speakers prob should stay away tho lol
2021-06-053Twilight Town: A Cyberpunk Day In LifeEnds just when the story starts to get interesting. Wasted potential.
2021-05-308The Spell
2021-05-198.5The Last BirdlingMY HEART
2021-05-147Hate Plus
2021-05-137.5Katawa Shoujo
2021-05-126Analogue: A Hate Story
2021-05-106.3A Conscious Decision
2021-05-104.6BaptismToo vague and lacking story all in all, ends suddenly without any decent conclusion
2021-05-105BlankspaceHas all kinds of mystery questions that don't get answers, wtf, the story literally stops where you should've been getting them
2021-05-089.9I/ORoute B is the only reason I can't give a full 10
2021-04-288Murder by Numbers
2021-04-239.4Swan Song
2021-04-237.5Pact with a WitchGood stuff, wish it was finished
2021-04-175Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.
2021-04-098.5The Mermaid of Zennor
2021-04-076Cursed Sight
2021-04-045.5Lucy - Geunyeoga Baradeon Geot -
2021-02-239Mhakna Gramura to Fairy Bell
2021-02-028Phenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa Kowagaranai
2021-02-014Building our Futature
2021-02-011.1True RemembranceHow the fuck is this so highly rated? This novel has the worst dialogue I've ever read (content-wise). Men who are working with trauma patients are behaving like sexual predators. The person who wrote this has no understanding of mental illness and therapists' role. The SoL is dull af, and all the characters are annoying, especially La. There's literally nothing good here. Except maybe the writing style.
2021-01-309.5Soundless - A Modern Salem in Remote Area -
2021-01-288.5Cartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai~
2021-01-236.1Shironagasu Tou e no KikanToo many small things that make no sense :/ The humour is pretty much the only great thing about this
2021-01-209Fallstreak: Requiem for My HomelandCriminally underrated
2021-01-199.1FallstreakUnderrated as heck
2021-01-195.5Froot Basket Valentine
2021-01-189.2Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode
2021-01-085Meralin and Princess Kinara
2021-01-027Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition
2020-12-306MsD & MsP
2020-12-296Boku no Kanojo wa Ecchi na Sensei
2020-12-287Yes, the Snow.Indeed, the snow.
2020-12-257G-senjou no MaouWithout Eiichi I think I would've dropped this lol, Usami is funny and relatable in the start but then she becomes annoying and lame af towards the end. The story repeats itself all the time with the same pattern + the reveal of the Maou was shit.
2020-12-117.3The Dandelion Girl
2020-12-075Karen SimulatorShe didn't make me mad, not a full Karen experience :(
2020-12-068SeaBedThe amount of SoL almost killed me, the characters eat in literally every fucking scene oh my lawd
2020-11-287Atashinoriri: Kawaii Chistmas
2020-11-288.5AtashinoririBest voice acting ever, I've never laughed at a vn so much before
2020-11-286.5A Day in the Life of a Slice of Bread
2020-11-224One. Digit. Off