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t950.9732021-07-10VNDB Suggestions!"Yeah, let's not be like MAL"Couldn't agree more. Also, just found out that it's been exactly a year since I made my account here, yay( ╹▽╹ ). Thank
t16556.42021-07-06the download site and storyOh, I haven't read it so I have no idea
t16556.22021-07-05the download site and storyI mean, a simple google search of the name and you can find it link, don't know what you mean by "and story"
t2108.38682021-06-27Candidates for deletionI think he's going for another sweep, ready your guns!
t2108.38662021-06-27Candidates for deletionSo I guess there isn't anything to be done, but no worries I'm here to assist with my special "Revert to revision" move, and all night if needed be
t16270.112021-06-18Need help to include these gamesWell, it's the only one I could find so it's good enough. Thanks again.
t16270.92021-06-18Need help to include these gamesAlright, thank for all the info, I added both Higanbana and Digital Holmes, I google translated the desc for the second game from here link (hope
t16270.72021-06-18Need help to include these gamesOk, so I added Higanbana and will add the ps2 and GBA ver. as different releases in a moment but I found this link, it says the gba ver was released
t16270.12021-06-18Need help to include these gamesDon't know if someone already mentioned them but I have found these three games that look like VNs and I have not seen on the db, but I can't include
t2108.38022021-06-14Candidates for Love duplicate of Qiuse de Jiyi -Season 1-
t2108.37892021-06-08Candidates for deletionI see, will take note of that.
t2108.37872021-06-07Candidates for deletionBut it doesn't exist on anymore, nor anywhere else.
t2108.37852021-06-07Candidates for deletionMelody It has not been updated and cannot be found anywhere.
t16054.472021-06-07Reporting MTL releasesFound some t2108.3205 r71332 r34241 r35005 r78795
t16102.422021-06-02this sucks"y is there no visual novel for doctor who, that would be such a badass visual novel"Now there is "Doctor Who" and "Doctor Who Adventures 2!" I can
t16102.392021-06-02this sucks"I'd unfriend you, but I can't find the button. Can I at least downvote your post? Aw crap. Whatever, I'll just reset your karma to zer--- fuck."Thank
t16166.22021-06-02Is there way to change usernameHere link
t16101.112021-05-24Recommend short Vns"did you read Issho ni Ikimashou in English or Japanese? If you read in Jap, is the writing hard to read for a beginner reader?" That I do not know
t16101.72021-05-24Recommend short VnsHere are some more Issho ni Ikimashou Ikimashou Ikimashou Fuyu no Polaris Soudentou no Mimei Hitonatsu no Yume Io [Christmas Eve] Kosaka-san.
t16095.22021-05-23What was the first VN like this?I believe it was Chunsoft's Otogirisou, famous for its large number of bad endings. The director Nakamura Kouichi wanted the game to appeal to a more
t16054.132021-05-16Reporting MTL releasesI'm not entirely sure but how about this one r1817, the game included English with its Japanese release but seeing here seems more like a MTL the
t6458.2182020-11-19Changing Username?Can you change my username to Tonaki , thank you