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Vote dateVoteTitle
2021-05-298Love and LegendsDid August 1-5?, Issuel 1-4?, Sayries 1-3?, & Reiner 1-3?
2021-05-297Castaway! Love's AdventureDid all TK
2021-05-297Magic Sword: Knight of Fortune with the ExcaliburPlayed all 3
2021-05-289Tokubetsu Sousa ★ Micchaku 24-jiLoved this! Did everyone's 1st except Kyobashi(sadist), and most everyone's sequels by a couple. <3 Kirisawa <3 Liked everyone else, though. :) Would replay!
2021-05-287Ai o Sasagu Densetsu no KishiPretty sure I did Shion, Lute, and Ken's 1st-2nd routes.
2021-05-286Kon'ya Anata to NemuritaiDid Shohei, Kippei, Genji, & Kiyoto <3 1st stories, and maybe 2nds on most.
2021-05-287Ouji-sama no ProposeDid everyone's 1st except Josh and Edward? Pretty sure did most of the others.
2021-05-288Kaitou X ★ Koi no YokokujouDid at least everyone's 1st story, and most of Takuto <3 Also most of K
2021-05-287Nemuranu Machi no CinderellaPretty sure I did the originals 1st & 2nd story, except the doc and the bro. And maybe the author's 2nd. Didn't really like him. Mirai <3
2021-05-287Chikai no Kiss wa Totsuzen niOne of my 2 firsts! Did most of Yamato <3 & Ren <3. Pretty sure I did at least everyone's 1st story, except maybe the old guy/uncle.
2021-05-288Koibito wa Senzoku SPI think I did at least everyone's 1st story, and most of Subaru, Kaiji, and the leader. <3 Subaru
2021-05-287Koi ni Ochita KaizokuouOne of my 2 firsts! Did everyone.
2021-05-287Akuma to Koi Suru 10 KakanPretty sure I read most of them(except Satoru, & maybe Tsubasa), at least up until any new updates with 365. <3 Kakeru
2021-04-22624-ji, Kimi no Heart wa Nusumareru ~Kaitou Jade~Did 3/5 routes Shuu-Chan: His wasn't bad. Seemed short. And the ending wasn't as romantic as I would've liked. Konno: Good, but he seemed too stoic all the time... Yuki: Cute <3 Misaki: Skipped Phantom Thief Jade: Skipped/might do someday (he seems too complex/long)
2021-04-208Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~TOMO(Seme): I liked him a lot at first, but I would've preferred he wasn't the director & just a normal student. Also, I didn't feel ANY romantic undertones throughout the whole story up until the very end where it just seemed like suddenly they both had feelings for each other. It was more like a friendship-story with a romance ending. & there was some pointless melodrama. & game-wise, I noticed that it seemed like a lot of scenes/conversations were drug out maybe just to make the game seem longer. Like they kept repeating stuff. Also, I hate secrets! CHIBA(Seme): His route was cute, not much drama. Maybe even a little more romantic undertones than Toma's. YAGAMI(Uke): Didn't really care for him. He was violent, never said how he felt towards MC, & he ended up being the Uke! Didn't see that coming. ARATA(Uke)re: Waaaah, that was so beautiful and satisfying! I almost didn't play his route, but I'm so glad I did. His was the best so far, I think. It was sad, and I cried a little, but that's probably what made it so good. You really felt the emotions. & there was probably more "I love you"s than in all the previous routes combined. I saw him being the Uke pretty early on so that helped. So happy Arata gets a happy love with Yuki. He treasures him so much, and they're so cute together. <3 I want more!! KUYA(Seme)re: Aww, that was so cute!! Total ZERO drama. Yay! He actually started showing his feelings for Yuki pretty early on, so that made it really fun. And Kuya is so ADORABLE! And kind, respectful, adoring, bold. Liked him a lot more than I thought I would. :P JOKER(Seme): He wasn't as bad as I thought. He had a unique backstory. He wasn't cruel or sadistic. While it seemed like he was toying with the MC, he was genuinely interested in him. And he protected him. It was pretty sad/seemed weird when he lost that interest. They're ending was really funny-cute, though. He totally smothered Yuki with his love. Takato(Seme): Not bad Sonoda: Skipped Sakaki: Meh
2021-02-195Katawa ShoujoPretty sure this was my first PC VN. Unfortunately, with its sexual content, it probably sent me down a bad road... I remember playing this a few times. I think Lilly was my favorite. Pretty sure I did everyone else at least once, except Misha...
2020-11-307Anicon - Animal ComplexCAT: I LOVED this (until the end). The characters are funny, the music is really beautiful, and I liked that there wasn't any drama. However, all of a sudden, I realized there wasn't really any "romance" either... I think it's implied they get together at the end, but there's never any confession or kiss or anything! Very disappointing. Ending is everything. SHEEP: Didn't enjoy as much as Cat. Grammar seemed bad. Romance might've been a tiny bit better, but not much. Still no kiss or confession. :/
2020-11-305Alloys Over Flowers
2020-11-296Arcana Famiglia Collezione! Piccola AmoreCan't quite remember...I think it wasn't bad, but not as good as EPHEMERAL? Should play again to get an accurate rating.
2020-11-293Night Class: A Vampire StoryDialogue seemed weak and haphazard. Skipped through to the ending, which was messed up. Weird VN...
2020-11-294Full ServiceJust did one playthrough: Sota. Seemed more about sex instead of romance. I didn't like the brothel premise at all, and where you could sleep with anyone and everyone. Didn't feel any real emotion or connection with the characters. It wasn't fully-voiced (except at the final scene), just repeated phrases that didn't go with a lot of scenes. Felt more like porn than actual plot. Bleh.
2020-08-138Hatsukoi SignalOnly did the bxb, remember really liking it. :P
2020-08-015Red EmbraceOnly remember Rex. Maybe the others weren't available? edit: replayed Rex. Dominic seems familiar, I must've done him. I don't think I ever did Isaac...or did and hated it.
2020-08-012Border of Her HeartJust did Stephen's route (only BL). Short, lame...
2020-07-157EphemeralJust did Nagi, Shiba, and maybe Ray's routes. <3 Nagi <3 Loved the music.
2020-07-157Wizardess Heart+: Gedonelune Royal Magic AcademyRandy is my favorite. I think I even reread his route. :P Also did: Elias, Klaus, Yukiya, and maybe Luca?
2020-07-156Lost IslandDid all?
2020-07-157Koi Ninja Sengoku EmakiOne of my first otome games. Owned the main 4, and I think bought the dr., samurai <3, and noble guy later? Kinda mad I no longer have access. ;(
2020-07-147Silver Chaos Fan Box -Eternal Fantasia-<3 Adonis.
2020-07-147Silver ChaosLiked Adonis' story, but didn't have many scenes with him. Hector was awful. Kinda liked Werne. Others were meh. Didn't like Leica.
2020-07-145Gakuen Club ~Houkago no Himitsu~Can't remember much.
2020-07-142Teikoku Kaleido -Banka no Kakumei-
2020-07-145Dandelion ~Neoege Buneun Baram~I think I just did Jisoo? Maybe Jiwoo, too?
2020-07-146Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~I think I only liked Harada. Everyone else had way too much drama. Although I think Chikage & Heisuke might've been okay.
2020-07-1410ClannadI think I just did Nagisa's route seriously.
2020-07-145Storm Lover
2020-07-148Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~Favorite and would reread: Suzuya Didn't really like: Kanata Didn't do Tomoe.
2020-07-149Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~Favorite and would reread: Suzuya Didn't really like: Kanata Didn't do Tomoe.
2020-07-143Chasing the StarsEh, didn't really like. Just did Pol's and Biel's route.
2020-07-147Seiyuu Danshi!Did all routes except for Shuu. And I didn't finish the red-head. Not bad.
2020-07-147The Pretenders GuildLiked it! Rafael was probably my favorite. Good humor, nice music. Just did the BLs
2020-07-144Nova: Synthesis CreaturumSeemed like a lot of meaningless dialogue, added just for the sake of making the story longer. Inconsistent characters, and story. Just...kind of boring, and not very satisfying. And no "I love you" confession, and NO KISSY-FACE!!
2020-07-145Cute Demon Crashers!Only liked Akki, kind of.
2020-07-146Your Dry DelightJust did Leslie's route.
2020-07-143Queen At ArmsBeen awhile, but I remember liking nothing about this.
2020-07-147Closing SpacesThis was cute!
2020-07-146Autumn's JourneyI thought I remembered liking this more than I did the 2nd time round. It wasn't bad, just a little "meh".
2020-07-145A Hand in the DarknessDidn't like Damien. Think I liked Rick best, and Monty 2nd? Might reread them...
2020-07-143Shutter ChanceTerrible.