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t10952.142021-11-26Need guideArnest - Aquira - Citron = 4 Silence - Labyrinth = 3
t17365.32021-11-17Shuka’s childwhat about her past?
t17365.12021-11-17Shuka’s childIt is said that shuka have a child, so is she not a virgin?
t10952.112021-11-15Need guidethere is harem ending and goddess ending, right? what should i do to enter that route?
t17328.12021-11-09Protagonist’s name at Perfect Edition English ver.I already play the perfect edition english version and there is form when you write your name. If you put Hino Ryousuke, there is no Voiced default
t16514.72021-10-25All Endings and how to get themwhat should i do to get Karin ending D? did anyone know? and ending C? (i already got ending C')
t17222.22021-10-22Very good midquel/sequelwill be better if there is ending where he can live in the past but suguha future is not disappear ><
t17188.32021-10-15ask about spoiler traitsi'm forget about that. thanks for reminder. i'll edit right away.
t17188.12021-10-15ask about spoiler traitsthere is this "concubine" trait at both mc and heroine character. what's that mean? i thought "concubine" is some kind of harem thing.
t17118.42021-10-04common route was trashi feel you. is the writer from prequel and sequel is different? why every student believe in such stupid rumor? are they stupid? lol. not make sense
t17125.22021-10-04Sakakithere is just one harem scene and its just two heroine (makina and sachi) but in this VN i think yuuji got harem include yumiko.
t12674.132021-10-02WARNING!!! DO NOT PLAY THE TRUE END!!!is the true ending sucks because the betrayal of heroine or what?
t17032.12021-09-18question about true end story (SPOILER)I like how the after story every heroine, how they got reset because what happen in the true end route. question is, 1. what happen to THE masamune
t16911.22021-08-31Which girl do you likei choose Amakuni cz her cheerful and loyal personality >.<
t16911.12021-08-31Which girl do you likeWhich girl do you like the most and why you pick her?
t16886.102021-08-29Release tomorrow! What girl are you picking first?I hate tag femdom and i'm not masochist so i will never choose Rito (she looks like Aoba from Nee-chan no susume cz she treat protag like her toys
t16878.12021-08-25spoiler questionthere is polygamy tag here. which heroine who got polygamy? (use spoiler filter please)
t16670.92021-07-27Capture Monsterthe next quest is about capture helmacubus but i didnt find her anywhere. where she is? (the answer is apparently u have to clear 100% map after that
t16670.72021-07-26Capture Monsterdid u already finish the story? are there 2 endings like prequel or just one ending?
t16670.52021-07-25Capture Monsterfirst monster is harpy right? who should kill it? avaro or everyone can?
t16670.32021-07-25Capture Monsterjust kill it? not equip anything like necklace or accessories or skill?
t16670.12021-07-23Capture MonsterDoes anyone know how to capture a monster? Plz tell me. Thx.
t16549.12021-07-05Agehow old are kuma sensei and chitose exactly?
t16279.12021-06-19rapeunavoidable heroine rape?
t10159.172021-06-13Opinion on spoileris ria die in all three route(sylvie,reina,elle)?
t16190.72021-06-05Lesbian NTR??is jeanne the maiden and jeanne the witch is the same person?
t15404.42021-05-21Guide for all CGsdid u know how to finish this game? or is there an ending on this game?
t14945.112021-05-14Mangagamer skip the first part?KF3if is "Rags to Riches" too but in god world coz he's in the lowest rank of god and then got acknowledged by upper rank of god.
t15900.12021-04-20touko hscenehow i got touko hscene? which route?
t12842.52021-04-15True End Questionsin the true end route ending, is eishi will end up with kukuri? i just feel that they will married or something..
t15816.12021-04-05h code/HW8:4@A020:HaremKingdom.exe
t15815.12021-04-05h code/HW8:4@A020:HaremKingdom.exe
t15735.72021-03-24storyi finished reading episode 4 and scene after iris is defeated, kakeru say "oyasumi" to sofi right? so i thought he just sleep, not dead.
t15735.52021-03-24storyhow did u know that? is there an explanation at yukiiro? so kakeru kill himself after make the world forget everything about them (like make kakeru
t15735.32021-03-22storythe truth is i'm curios about the kakeru who lost all his friend. he said he will thank and apologize to satsuki-sensei. and then what happen after
t15735.12021-03-22storywhat do you think about this new episode? what story? is it about The Kakeru who lost all his friend, or how kakeru collecting the remaining
t15617.32021-03-15Unexpectedly good protagonistI need spoiler (u can use spoiler filter). Is towa will come back to his world and leave the heroine?
t15704.12021-03-15i rate 3/10the animation and CG is good but i dont like the story. protagonist is VERY perverted but his 3 sister is fine with that. even when protagonist got
t15697.12021-03-14solutionEverytime i use textractor, the game always lagging or slow. is there a solution?
t15693.12021-03-13KeisetsuToo bad, there is no H scene for keisetsu. 😥😥😥
t14388.112021-03-08familiar family name?Is this vn have linear plot?
t13265.62021-03-08Same settingSo ayato is underclassman of toki?
t15658.12021-03-06timelineDoes this story happen after Eito returns to his world? or before?
t15427.12021-01-20Revenge Protagonistis there a vn about protagonist getting revenge like sakuranomori dreamers or like kamado tanjiro in anime kimetsu no yaiba where the protagonist's
t15342.42021-01-06EpisodicJust enjoy the h-scene, i guess. Lol
t15342.22021-01-06Episodicit's linear. the protagonist will choose either will pick one or both, but even if u pick one , u will end up harem anyway.
t15298.52020-12-31Best Girl1st Claris 2nd Mell
t15303.12020-12-31another routei've got harem route. what should i do to get each other heroine route?
t15212.32020-12-24Happy ending part#2 spoiler please, i need to know.
t15212.12020-12-20Happy ending partso, the happy ending is Kuma live together with Kira-kira? is there another ending like kuma with another heroine? i already know the answer of this