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t6932.102015-09-17German translationI'm not saying this in spite, but I have literally no time to deal with this anymore. Feel free to appoint a new translator or tell Yorhel. Back then
t6932.52015-09-17German translationConsidering you thought "Stab" was a "funny" translation, I assume you didn't even know the definition before. Where I come from, "Stab" is not only
t6932.32015-09-17German translationUhm ... are you actually German? "Stab" is indeed used for employees. Especially those who worked on movies, games, etc. See: link (It's often used
t6048.402014-12-29Staff & Seiyuu Database TestingHow about adding "translator" as staff member? :)
t4491.12013-08-20DeletionCould someone remove the standalone German release (r28317)? The German language is now included in the other release. Thanks^^
t2011.232012-01-02VNDB 2.21: Still not dead yet@onemanarmy Glad you like it. You're welcome. @stomp This was already translated by another person who did not finish the translation. I'll fix this
t2214.12011-11-23Winter in FairbrookHi, sorry for this. The game is actually now in public beta testing and it's available for pre-order: link But I guess the date should only be added
t2011.182011-09-17VNDB 2.21: Still not dead yetHello everyone :) I sent an email to but I didn't get an answer :/ So I thought I try here again... I would like to translate this