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t18257.12022-04-26Any news regarding the English TL of Django?With makoto as the translator, this can obviously be nothing but a great read, so I'm curious when (or if) we'll see it translated into English.
t15651.22022-04-25AIR save repair patch (PASTA)Incredible, thank you so much! I just ran into this problem and I was scared that I'd lost all my progress. Big thanks to Mashedmonk too, fantastic
t10302.3502021-11-14Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread The Tsukihime remake has a lot of 10s from new accounts no other ratings (or 10s on other Nasuverse titles and 1s on Umineko for some reason). The
w1628.12021-11-14Symphonic RainExtremely well-written review! I just finished Symphonic Rain a few minutes ago, and everything I couldn't put into words, you managed to. It's
t16821.12021-08-17About the ratings.It looks like the game gets a lot of 10s from new accounts that have no other rating, what's up with that?
t16570.12021-07-08Is Flower, Sun, and Rain needed to play?Flower, Sun, and Rain is the prequel to Silver Jiken 25 Ku and I was wondering if I needed to play it first before hopping on this one.
t14772.32020-12-06Best girl?How dare y-
w498.62020-12-06TsukihimeGenuinely an amazing visual novel. It has this unique feeling that I can't quite put my fingers on. I'm still reading through it right now, but I got
t14850.52020-10-14Kanon's should have been the true endingI understand where you're coming from, but does it always have to be a good ending? Although I like them, the bitter-sweet ending suited the story
t14850.32020-10-13Kanon's should have been the true endingTo me, Kanon's route was one of the weakest side routes. If the game was a dating sim or something, sure, it could be the true end if you want - but
t14844.22020-10-11Like Yuuji from grisaia trilogyAzai Kyousuke from G-Senjou no Maou and Haruaki Fusaishi from Raging Loop, You could also check the "Pragmatic Protagonist" character tag.