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Wishlist3Ping Lovers! ☆ Ippu Nisai no Sekai e Youkoso♪Some useless scenes. This beta MC is not training his bitches well enough. Priority low medium +. Could be a thing if I run out of things to read...2021-05-21
WishlistAhegao Akume Chuudoku -Jintai Kaizou de Kurutte Iku Watashi o Minaide-Seems solid; with enough anal in a choukyou context. Subutilize the futa setting, though. Priority medium high -. It is animated.2021-06-08
WishlistAido Hentai Choukyou ClubA game that can only be played in a certain way. Completing it would be idiotic. Basically you just got only a half-decent choukyou game with bad scenerios and ending if a mistake is done. Priority medium low -, because I don't want to be at the call of the game. Could be trash; it depends how the chooses are presented and if all the negative can be avoided. If I run out of good choukyou games (unlikely), I might see how this game is presented.2021-05-21
WishlistAitsu ni Choukyou Sareru to Do M na Watashi wa KanjichauAlready downloaded. Animated choukyou with lots of anal and threesomes. Seem to have one bad ending with annoying useless femdom, but it seems completely avoidable. Priority high medium -.2021-06-19
WishlistAkogare no Onee-chan wa Choukyou Shigansha?!Great mazo choukyou game. Could have used a little more anal, but still have some and the consensual nature of the choukyou makes this great for a change of ´pace. Priority high high -.2021-06-20
WishlistAkogare no Onna Joushi ga Shin'ya no Office de Onatteru Tokoro o Mi...Kind of nice; but very light in anal. Priority high low -.2021-05-29
WishlistAku JosouCrossdressing done right to infiltrate a women school and rape the students, choukyou with some anal. Priority medium low -.2021-06-23
WishlistAkuma de Oshioki! Marukido Sadoshiki Hentai Oshioki KouzaInteresting choukyou game with lot of scenarios; and enough anal; some futa scenes also. Priority high low +. Have to avoid the trap side story, though.2021-06-07
WishlistAkumu no Merumaga ~Ochita Imouto wa Kaerenai~2020-08-10
WishlistAku no Soshiki no Ikiokure Onna Kanbu o Haramase Onaho ni Suru Sent...Can't find the CGs, but apparently it does have anal and it seems quite good. Priority high low.2021-07-17
WishlistAku Sei Jutai Anira to UiraSeems like a solid choukyou/tentacle/futanari game with enough anal. Priority medium high -.2021-06-09
WishlistAkutoku Shinsakan ~Onna Boukensha o Otosu Ingoku no Wana~Meh varied choukyou. Doesn't seem terribly interesting. Priority medium medium +. Have enough anal.2021-06-20
WishlistAma Ane -My Sweet Sister-Nice short read.2020-08-10
WishlistAmai Seikatsu -Saikou no Gibo to Saikou no Gishimai-seems ok, have some anal, the Mc is a little bit of a wuss, though. Priority medium medium -.2021-06-15
WishlistAma Mama HolicIs a little low on anal and I don't know what comes in the DLC, but the thematic is good. Priority high low -.2021-05-21
WishlistAmayakase Kanojo no Iru Seikatsu -Ichizu na Ginpatsu Bishoujo wa Su...Nice theme, sadly, no anal. Priority medium low.2021-07-03
WishlistAmayakashitari Shinai zo! ~Chiisaku Natte Junjou Kachiki na Aoba On...This one seems better than the other games in the series, some anal also. Priority medium mefium +.2021-06-21
WishlistAnakoi ~Koukousei Ren'ai Hakusho~Interesting. I makes me rememeber of Anaru Gyaru. Priority low +.2021-05-21
WishlistAnalkyou Densetsu ~Bijin Hisho o Kouryaku Seyo~Quite the very short game. Priority high low -.2021-05-21
WishlistAnal * Teacher ~Kando Ryoukou!? Gyaku Lesson~The name says everything. Priority high medium.2021-05-21
WishlistAne Ane Double Saimin 2 ~Kyonyuu Onna Joushi Chikan, Kyonyuu Hitozu...Priority high low+. A very worthy tittle for the saimin genre.2020-08-28
WishlistAne Ane Double Saimin DX ~Saimin de 6-nin no Kyonyuu Ane-tachi o Mu...Already downloaded. Nice game the continues the series with the older heroines. Priority high medium -.2021-05-30
WishlistAne Ane Double Saimin ~Saimin Souchi de Kyonyuu Anedomo ni Kyousei ...Already downloaded. Priority high low+. Poison sure knows how to make this kind of titles.2020-08-28
WishlistAne Ane ~Yurushite! Oneechan-tachi, Boku no Ochi*chi* Dame ni Nacch...There is some anal, but mostly vainilla although consensual stuff. Priority medium low.2021-06-21
WishlistAneboku ~Onee-chan wa Bijin 3 Shimai~Priority medium high +. Good amount of anal scenes and no BS; definitely TinkerBell older games are better scripted...2020-08-10
WishlistAnejokuSeems like a fine rape anee incest game with choukyou and some anal. Priority high low +.2021-06-23
WishlistAne Kiss @ Home ~Koi Suru Onee-chan to Ecchi na Nichijou~There a couple of useless femdom scenes, but probably it can be skipped or avoided; there is some anal and group sex. Priority medium low (just because of the incest).2021-06-09
WishlistAne ni mo Makezu ~Onee-chans wa Shigekiteki!~Pretty fucking questionable if not make the right choices. No girl can overpower a man, regardless of her "strenght", that's just not how testosterone works in providing muscle strenght. Priority low medium (probably will never reach to read it). Even in best case scenario it will be just a 5 or 6. Plenty of better works in the sister incest genre.2020-08-27
WishlistAne Oyako de Iku! ~Daisuki na Ane o Ubatta Kuse ni Uwaki o Tsuzuker...Medium priority.2020-08-10
WishlistAne Rape ~Kouman na Ane no Nureta Bishin~Some anal. Priority medium medium.2021-06-15
WishlistAne to Ore wa Naka ga IiSeems like a fairly interesting vainilla incest game with some anal. Priority medium high -.2021-05-07
WishlistAne wa Tsurezure Naru Mama ni ~Otouto no Ecchi na Osewa wa Ama-Ero ...Vainilla, meh. No anal Priority low high -.2021-06-19
WishlistAniki no Kanojo JK Katekyo o Suki Houdai Shite Mita BokuSeems fine. Short netori game with enough anal scenes. Priority medium high -.2021-06-15
WishlistAniki no Niizuma ~Otto no Koto ga Suki na no ni....~Seems pretty interesting (have some anal). Would have to see the way it is narrated, though, as a female protagonist. Priority high low.2021-05-29
WishlistAniki No Yome-san nara, Ore ni Hamerarete Hiihii Itteru Tokoro Da yoKind of ok netori. Priority medium medium +, with a little anal.2021-05-29
WishlistAniyome Kyouka-san to Sono Haha Chikako-san ~Bijin Tsuma to Bijukub...Seems like a solid netori game with anal in each arc. Play the 2 individual arcs that came separately. Priority medium high.2021-06-14
WishlistAniyome wa IjippariCould be ok; some anal scenes. Prirority medium high -.2020-08-10
WishlistAru Kazoku no KankeizuGood Choukyou incest scenes. Medium high priority.2020-08-10
WishlistAyatsurareru!? Watashi no Shitai wa Dareka no OmochaAlready downloaded. Very interesting mind control concept with lots of anal. Priority high medium +.2021-07-03
WishlistBaiin Reijou ~Suouin Sakurako no Zaiwai~For a hard choukyou is a little meh. Censores ass and scat. Protagonist is a woman; could be ok if the narration is from a 3rd person perspective. Prioritu medium medium +.2021-05-23
WishlistBaikoku Ouki ~Daraku no Mesu Buta Oyako~Body modification and futanari but it isn't used adequately; plenty of anal. Priority medium low +.2021-06-07
WishlistBaka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan ♥The proggression suggests it will be annoying. Priority medium low -.2021-07-19
WishlistBakunyuu Hitou Kitan ~Hitozuma Okami no In'yoku Hiwa~Seems ok-ish. Some anal and plenty of futanari scenes. don't forget to get the patch (or DL) that have the best scenes of the game. Priority medium high.2021-06-09
WishlistBakunyuu Hitozuma Maid ~Iyasare Mama Haramase no Yakata~Pretty nice wholesome setting with plenty of anal. Priority high low -.2021-06-09
WishlistBakunyuu Hitozuma Senshi Pure Maiden ~Gen'eki Fukki shita Bishoujo ...Interesting netori game withh mahou milfs (quite unique in this aspect), with some anal. Priority high low +.2021-06-21
WishlistBakunyuu Hoken Onna KyoushiAlready downloaded the Hrony teachers memorial edition. Priority high medium -. Excellent teacher scenarios with plenty of anal. Play2021-05-29
WishlistBakunyuu Injoku ReibaishiFine choukyou with plenty of anal and scat scenes. Priority medium high -.2021-06-09
WishlistBakunyuu Inma Shimai ~Tonari no Onee-san wa Succubus Datta!~Already downloaded. Seems like a fantastic anal + futanari game. A must play for a succubus oriented game. Priority high medium.2021-06-09
WishlistBakunyuu Mizugi Hitozuma o Beach de Dekachin Nanpa ~Kimajime Butte ...Already downloaded. Fine milf netori choukyou with some anal. Priority high low.2021-06-19
WishlistBakunyuu Police Chikashitsu no Kiseki ~Nikutai Kakusei~Short game, but it isn't terribly interesting for being associated with pichi pichi garou r. Priority medium high +.2021-05-31