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t15522.32021-02-09does the protag talk ever in the story?It shows the voice actor on the protagonist's description on the character page
t15522.12021-02-09does the protag talk ever in the story?I know it says he's voiced and I just finished the common route, but i haven't heard him say a line yet. So i was just wondering if there was a
t15500.82021-02-04Netori or NetorareHmm alright,I might consider playing it than. I ain't down with that Netorare Shit
t15500.42021-02-04Netori or NetorareWhat would it count as if the girl is the protagonist?
t15500.32021-02-04Netori or Netorarehmmm thats kinda confusing then?
t15500.12021-02-03Netori or NetorareBefore I play this, I would like to know if this is a game where the protagonist gets the girls stolen or does he steal the girl away from the
t15460.12021-01-26H-Code?Does anyone know the H-Code?
t15164.12020-12-10HelpI know I asked a question on the in the H-code discussion tab, but Does anyone know how to hook this to vnr or textractor? When I open the game and
t9604.32020-12-09H-codeHow were y’all able to hook this? I’m having trouble hooking this with vnr and textractor.
t15160.12020-12-09Walkthrough?Does anyone have a walkthrough?
t15073.32020-11-24anyone know where to find the save data fiolder?Sorry i did look at the readme file and saw what you were talking about but i was confused anyway its my bad, I appreciate you telling me tho thank
t15073.12020-11-24anyone know where to find the save data fiolder?i've been trying to find the save data folder so i could put a full save file in there to get full Cg's but i can't find it anywhere.
t15072.12020-11-24H-Code?Does anyone know the H-Code?
t15048.12020-11-19Heres the H-Code For Anyone who needs itI Used Textractor and this worked for me /HBC*0@469080
t14900.12020-10-23H-Code?Does anyone know the H-Code?