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2020-11-1210Chaos;ChildI almost did not give it a 10. Fukin' true route man...
2020-10-3010HarmoniaI mean, it's KEY. However, i did not like that "when we feel very bad, we cling to a certain emotion" thing
2020-10-309Tokyo BabelGreat stuff, although tends to be too complicated with all its mythology. Raziel's route (FeelsSadMan) :(
2020-10-1810Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta WakeAmazing. Shards of glass and some snot down my throat. Love it.
2020-09-308.9Yume Miru Kusuri3 routs. 2 hit, 1 miss.
2020-09-279.5ChronoBoxToo. Much. Sex. Otherwise would have been 10/10.
2020-09-2410VA-11 HALL-AGreat stuff. A very chill experience.
2020-09-248VoidI did not like the end of the true route.
2020-09-228.9Sepia Tears2-10 hours was not enough to fully convey me of the deep feels this read tried to betell.
2020-09-208Chaos;HeadThe choice mechanic is a mess.
2020-09-158.7Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -30-50 hours my ass. More like 50>
2020-09-069Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo9 only cuz of the aspect ratio.
2020-09-0210G-senjou no MaouThis read is amazing. Just amazing, that is all.
2020-08-288Kikokugai - The Cyber SlayerThe ending was kind of meh, too farfetched.
2020-08-277.9Ame no MarginalToo many things were left unclear.
2020-08-2410YeguangNot much to tell. I just loved all of it.(except chinese names'n all)
2020-08-2410Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.Say what you want. But i love it when 4th wall gets smashed THIS good.
2020-08-249Beskonechnoe letoThe first VN i've read. A very unique piece of work.
2020-08-248Saya no UtaWas gross'n all. But lack of explanation at the end made things worse.
2020-08-249.5Ushinawareta Mirai o MotometeSeemed a bit too long, just a bit.
2020-08-248Memory's Dogma Code:01Was disappointed at the absence of romance and incomplition of the story.
2020-08-248Swan SongI did not get those major shifts in how some people were behaving.
2020-08-189SynergiaI do not like open endings.
2020-08-169Lucy - Geunyeoga Baladeon Geos -I can't really say why i did not give it a 10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯