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t19827.12023-02-17hcode: /HB8@419F50hcode: /HB8@419F50
t17130.12021-10-05h codeFor those who need it, this one works for me: /HB8*0:28@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
t14192.22021-07-29Tag: Heroine Having Sex with OthersIn most of the time, the story is told from the viewpoint of the heroine, Rina. However, the viewpoint sometimes changes to Rina's husband, so it
t14864.52021-07-06So, I just finished translating this.Thanks a lot~
t15468.22021-06-03so..when ?I'm also wondering. I've heard they declared recently that they won't continue running their online game, so perhaps they will release a game soon.
t16077.72021-05-30Error appears when MC is checking out his phoneThank you, but it still doesn't work for me.
t16077.52021-05-19Error appears when MC is checking out his phoneUnfortunately it still doesn't work. Thanks for your help anyway.
t16077.32021-05-19Error appears when MC is checking out his phoneThanks for your quick reply. I only used Locale Emulator. Now I will try change my windows location to Japan.
t16077.12021-05-19Error appears when MC is checking out his phonelink Does anyone encounter this error when the MC is checking out his phone in the bar? Would like to know the solution. Thanks a lot.
t15697.22021-04-25solutionClick "remove hooks" and delete those hooks that you are not using. This will help a little.
t15898.12021-04-20H-code?Anyone please? I've tried the followings but not working. /HB4:-14@58BA80 /HB4B@58BA80
t15224.72021-01-04I like Atelier Sakura. Their girls are hot!In my opinion, Atelier Kaguya's writing isn't good as well.
t15180.12020-12-14H code/HSN0@5868A:gimai.exe In case anyone needs it.
t14716.22020-12-11H-CODEI can play it with textractor.
t11325.42020-10-19My review of the VN"Heck why didn't she divorce her husband? Rio did it in her ending why can't Kasumi do the same?"Not like Rio, Kasumi seems to have a good
t12870.22020-09-27Patch FileThanks for your work, dude
t14445.22020-09-26Hcode req/HW2C:14@4E8F7B /HW2C:14@230D92 according to: link edit: Sorry, I tried it myself, and it does not seem to work.