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t8242.8602021-11-26The how to edit threadI think it should always be whatever it is the official developer/publisher put out. They're the one who made it, so I think we should respect that
t17381.22021-11-21Great gameI rather they kept it casual rather than trying to make it into some sort of wacky tragedy.
t16054.2182021-11-20Reporting MTL releasesI can already see the Senmomo case getting heated again. Well, at least Ileca locked the main release.
t17358.182021-11-20What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?#17 I've played only around 10 JVNs and have seen many gibberish kana swap making gibberish MTL even more gibberish.
t12150.42021-11-19H-Code for who needJust a quick reminder that yes, some people cannot reach climax without context, even if said context is just people moaning.
t17366.222021-11-18Just why?Man, Little Buster is so long, but it's also such a slog that I never finished it to this day. Probably won't be anytime soon. But IF I have to give
t17358.102021-11-16What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?#9 Wait, I brainfarted I didn't think to just use Textractor or something. I guess we're talking outside of VNs now.
t17358.82021-11-16What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?#7 Ah, so it's stroke order that is the problem? I never bothered to study something like that because yes, Google managed to recognize whatever
t17358.62021-11-16What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?#3 Now that we're mentioning Jisho, I have a problem that I can't no matter how much I struggle, to use the handwriting feature correctly. Does
t15917.272021-11-16This does have an English, first time gotten my post exterminated. Sure, whatever, 'Tis wast just mine own p'rspective.
t17358.22021-11-16What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?The most glaring problem are off course, pronouns. DeepL also sometimes spawned repetitive nonsense, but that could be fixed. Just don't expect MTL
t2108.43102021-11-14Candidates for deletionThis is getting stupid, let's just stop.
t2108.42342021-11-14Candidates for deletion#4322 I thought it's common knowledge that MLA>>>Original Muv-Luv, but sure okay. I myself would automatically give at least 3 extra points for
t2108.42312021-11-14Candidates for deletionI'm no Muv-Luv fan who never read any Muv-Luv things, and probably never will... But damn they got passion. It's insayn that they rated everything
t16983.272021-11-13NTR?I don't know what to say, too many off topics, what was the point of discussion again? Oh yeah, the "make fun of virgin lovers" being a spoiler
t16983.252021-11-13NTR?Slut, whore, skank, nympho... I could list dozens other insults of promiscuous women, but I had a hard time coming up with the men versions. That's
t16983.222021-11-12NTR?#21 People would really appreciate that statement if this weren't a VNDB thread talking about a porn game having a kinky fetish or not.
t15700.82021-11-10Questions about Extra 2, Extra 3, and ZweiI just want one with Saki man, forget everything else.
t2108.41422021-11-08Candidates for deletion#4137 "The goal is not to make friends but to get things done. I want to see bm3 finished and spread Happoubi Jin's art everywhere within the western
t17302.92021-11-07Pulled from steam and DenpasoftI saw it happening like, what, a year ago? Sol Press in decline is an old news. Edit: I just checked, and the last time I had any hope for them was
t17302.72021-11-07Pulled from steam and DenpasoftSol Press already went kaput quite a while ago actually, since August, at least their sites were. I also remember suggesting deleting some of their
t16958.92021-11-01Another game with wasted character designs.Believe me, I love Alicesoft games, to the point that I don't even care about all the dirty and dark stuffs, and I absolutely hate those kind of
t16958.72021-11-01Another game with wasted character designs.Which dude? If you're talking about OP, he got some sort of a crusade going on against 'filthy' games.
t16958.52021-10-31Another game with wasted character designs.More like it's because their games revolves around these dark arts. Unlike real RPGs, their focus is toward the H, with the gameplay acting as the
t2108.41302021-10-26Candidates for deletionlink I don't think we need an instance just for an after story.
t17214.182021-10-21VNs with the best comedic elementsFrontwing and Smee VNs are always fun to read for me.
t16194.192021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationI think I would love her, I'm a heretic like that.
t16194.172021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationI have enough idea about the fact that Yuna got too strong of a presence during the common route, given that whole Ex thing, that all other heroines
t16194.152021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationDon't worry about it, in a game where the main (and probably only) purpose is to pick a girl to love, she's the least desirable to me, personally
t16194.132021-10-19Absolutely has to get an English localizationI think the only garbage here is Yuna.
t17201.102021-10-18This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!"i was talking about english releases."What a coincidence, me too. Wouldn't it be lit for all those imouto-focused VNs mentioned got English releases
t17201.82021-10-18This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!#5 Now finally someone that's making sense. I also add those titles from CUBE and Hulotte as well, and only then would I call it the Year of the
t17201.22021-10-17This.... This is....???! This is a Siscon Era?!!Sorry to disappoint you, but I would still like some OniGyu or something. Also, you think it's so little time, but believe me only a few of those
t17192.72021-10-17Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeThis is not some new games someone released last year or something. And please, keep the mother fetish to their own market.
t17191.92021-10-16Any other games with "double language" option?I remembered that Sweet & Tea's Kemono Musume no Sodatekata also got this (by Sekai Project). Now, this hasn't been released yet, but I imagine that T
t17191.32021-10-15Any other games with "double language" option?Many Frontwing titles have that option.
t17192.22021-10-15Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeAgreed with you there. They're always prioritize these straight black-haired serious and refined yamato-nadeshiko type heroine stereotype which is
t17188.42021-10-15ask about spoiler traitsI'm pretty sure this is mistagging, usually Secret Girlfriend/Boyfriend trait is enough for incestuous relationships (plus Domestic Partnership if
t17180.72021-10-1318+ pls#6 Err... yeah, that's why this is bogus for me. I'd rather have her be one of the heroine. Having that voice as my self-insert just feels... wrong.
t17180.52021-10-1318+ plsThe fact that they put Kirihana as the freaking protagonist made this seems pretty bogus for me. Though if I'm not wrong I heard she won't do any ero
t17173.42021-10-11I find myself hesitating...If it could at least give a consolation, the FD does kinda fix this, I think. Spoiler if someone doesn't intend to read the FD because of ahem
t17163.22021-10-10How long are all of the individual arcs?It's been a very long time since I played this so I can't really make sure, but at least the first three arcs should be very similar. The fourth one
t17144.102021-10-09Realistic display of affection ?#9 It's set in highschool, man. What are you talking about?
t17158.22021-10-09No uncensored ?Deal with it. There's a reason why pixelated mosaics nowadays are considered vulgar. Try p*rnhub.
t17155.22021-10-09Jast version?Which patch are you talking about? If you're talking about 18+ patch, then yes of course the official JAST dlc is applicable. If you're talking about
t17140.22021-10-07Are the rest of SP VNs like this? [spoilers]What you're supposed to avoid are depressed writers such as Niijima Yuu then. Anything he touch will not going to end well (and I meant that
t17105.222021-09-30Fourteen 🎉Happy Birthday to one of my most frequented site!
t17076.72021-09-27Visual Novel suggestionsMost VNs that have those usually were developed by a company that specialized in them. For examples, Atelier Sakura, LiLim, and Elf. So if you find
t17041.252021-09-26is Nekonyan a American or German company?Forget about the joke problems, the main point of this thread is that this German-based publisher is not translating Japanese to English, but
t15686.132021-09-23I haven't finished this yet but...Pffft.