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t2108.49672022-11-23Candidates for deletionAccording to the developer's discord r81383 has been canceled and the full version will never release.
t18924.142022-08-29What do you connect with fuwanovel?Walkthroughs mainly. Some discussion.
t18960.212022-08-28Fuwanovel is alive again?@2 r/visualnovels is much worse (especially for English language readers) since the recent changes. WAYR, imo the best thing in the sub, is mostly
w4848.62022-08-15AmatsutsumiOf course you don't have to like the way things are done, but I think Makoto stealing the life force of some criminal would have gone against the
w4794.12022-07-31Shark RidersYou might want to check out Mothmen 1966 since it's a more fully realized work by the same dev in the same style. It's still very much an homage to
t18328.212022-05-18Can we fix the Bayesian Rating Formula?@3 @4 The discussion in t17035 is about a separate idea. Changing the details of the prior for the Bayesian mean formula could be interesting. There
w4249.12022-05-05SuhoshinI felt the same way about the climax. Really seemed like it was setting up for something.
w1521.102021-11-11Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-#9 Well the nice thing about Yuuji being a fictional character is that if I don't decide to give him a pass because of his tragic past, I'm not
w1934.72021-11-11Ever17 -the out of infinity-I suppose if you want to discuss nostalgia and "editorial" vs "objective" reviews in detail you can find me on Reddit with the same handle. My issue
w1934.52021-11-11Ever17 -the out of infinity-"I highly doubt that, what i suspect is him re-reading a game he played as a teen or child long ago, which would fit exactly in line with his way of
w1934.32021-11-11Ever17 -the out of infinity-#2 The Infinity series is definitely important in that it helped launch the career of Uchikoshi, even if YU-NO was an earlier example of "multiple
w2928.32021-10-08Dai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken-I do agree the design philosophy of the investigation segments changed, but view it less as "hand holding" and more as "not wasting your time." In
w2928.12021-10-07Dai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken-So basically it's an Ace Attorney game. All the games are melodramatic and not terribly hard to solve case-wise. I think the melodrama is part of the
w395.32021-10-07Ever17 -the out of infinity-#1 Zero Escape has characters in the same sense Danganronpa does. They have maybe 1 trait that defines them and exist mainly as devices to move the
w2888.22021-09-29STEINS;GATETo add to #1, I think that Okarin's stupid bullshit becomes something he uses to push himself forward when he would otherwise falter because what he
t17010.282021-09-21The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBI dunno why people are so adamantly against MTL for this purpose. The whole point of MTL is to do a mediocre job on stuff that skilled translators
t17035.152021-09-21Posterior inference of the ratings distribution"I was just suggesting that it might be easier for VNDB to approximate the posterior by drawing samples from it and plotting the histogram
t17035.132021-09-21Posterior inference of the ratings distribution"I was just suggesting constructing the posterior" If do you things as I described, the posterior is a distribution of the mean and variance
t17035.112021-09-20Posterior inference of the ratings distribution#10 Reading your original post again, I'm actually not sure I completely understand what problem you have posed here. You link to conjugate priors
t17035.92021-09-20Posterior inference of the ratings distributionIt's not obvious to me that vndb votes are normally distributed. It seems plausible there's some amount of left skew. The average vote is about 6.35
w2841.82021-09-19G-senjou no MaouI found Yuuji an overbearing egotist with a savior complex who cringingly thought his own internal monologue was the epitome of profound and that
w2841.32021-09-18G-senjou no MaouHmm, it's been a while since I read G-Senjou and I only really remember the true route. I should pick it up one of these days and see if my opinion
w2841.12021-09-18G-senjou no MaouAgree that the non-true routes don't add that much. Kind of surprised you think the MC here is an insufferable jackass but gave Grisaia a 10 since
w2671.12021-09-02Symphonic RainI want to read this but I have a hard time getting past that the characters all look 12.
t13855.92021-08-10Best Heroine (Personality & Route) [No Spoilers]Murasame is best girl and best route
w1521.82021-08-10Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-#5 - Yes that's what I was referring to. It's an interesting idea and is gripping at first, but for me it dragged out too long. #4 - It's not that I
t16048.102021-07-06Favorite VN Protags?Okarin (Steins;Gate) - the way his chuunibyou bullshit becomes a source of strength for him as things get difficult is really compelling. Kyouma is a
t16228.82021-06-13What are your thoughts on meaningless choices?They can be fun if they are implemented as a way to roleplay a character. I think Ace Academy and Oxenfree (though this is not a VN) are good
t16139.52021-06-07How good is the game?Agree with #4, and I found it often open-ended as well, in particular with regard to questions about perception and reality. Even something like
t15994.172021-05-17This VN is an award winner#13 I think Aoi from If My Heart Had Wings is a pretty good example of one who treats the heroines with respect. He's more or less a regular guy, but
w2034.32021-05-13Sugar * Style#2 I thought he did a lot of funny stuff that wasn't sexual and I liked that he is goofy, overreacts to stuff, and is generally game for crazy antics
w2034.12021-05-13Sugar * StyleMC is a goofball, but actually kind of quick on his feet with jokes, antics, comebacks, etc and not so pathetic as the really bad ones. He's a
w1521.22021-05-09Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-If the writers can't make Yuuji not a garbage character within a self-contained >50 hour VN and need sequels to justify his awful behavior, then they
t15597.292021-02-28Which VNs most people like but you don't?#27 I found it more like how a 15 year old imagines a veteran soldier in a young man's body would be. Yuuji is incredibly self-absorbed and thinks
t15597.242021-02-28Which VNs most people like but you don't?Grisaia no Kajitsu. I find Yuuji incredibly cringey and unlikable and he has no chemistry with any of the heroines.
w1556.12021-02-23Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-I'm one of the people who strongly dislikes Grisaia (I wrote my own review), but I think your review is insightful and does a good job explaining why