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6FinishedAi KissI tried going back to the Kiss series for once, but it's the usual, same old deal of a plate full of mediocrity. Although what really stopped me from it was the needless drama with the twins.2020-10-03
6PlayingAi Kiss 2Don't know why I'm doing this but here we are.2020-12-24
8.5FinishedAiyoku no EustiaI think this is the first experience I have had with AUGUST? Anyway it's quite good.2020-10-03
8.2FinishedAkatsuki no GoeiMy first experience with Kinugasa Shougo as a writer. Man knows how to build a world that's interesting but more often than not bites more than he can chew and as a result loosely tied ends everywhere.2020-10-03
7FinishedAkatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~Fandisk of the original.2020-10-03
9.5FinishedAkatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~An oddity. Technically it's a sequel of the original Akatsuki no Goei. But I feel like this would still be as good as a read if you do not know anything about the original. Still, its probably better to play the original first. See my notes on: Akatsuki no Goei2020-10-03
8FinishedAmagamiIf you've watched Amagami SS, then this is the same thing.2020-10-26
7FinishedAmairo * IslenautsProbably one of the least enjoyment I got from a Yuzusoft game, which is still quite a bit. But definitely far from the nicest they has to offer.2020-10-03
8FinishedAmakanoWhere it all started with Azarashi. It's pretty decent I guess?2020-10-03
8FinishedAmakano+Fandisk of Amakano.2020-10-03
9.5FinishedAmakano 2Came as a surprise from AzarashiSoft. Compared to previous works of the series it's still your average intimate highschool romance story, but Amakano 2 manages to at least really hit the jackpot with the character design.2020-10-03
8FinishedAmakano ~Second Season~This is where I feel like Azarashi is milking every single cent they can get from this. It's not bad but after playing Amakano it's basically more of the same thing.2020-10-03
8.5FinishedAmakano ~Second Season~+Fandisk.2020-10-03
9FinishedAmatsutsumiThe weaker of the 2 from PurpleSoft.2020-10-03
6FinishedAnata ni Koi Suru Ren'ai RecetteDesserts. Go play Marshmellow instead. Unless the fluffy pastel artstyle is your thing.2020-10-03
5FinishedAnata o Otoko ni Shite Ageru!Last work before Chuablesoft went bankrupt.2020-10-03
7FinishedAno Harewataru Sora yori TakakuRockets.2020-10-03
9.3FinishedAoi ToriOverall better work of the 2 that I rated 9 for PurpleSoft.2020-10-03
8.6FinishedAonatsu LineSurprisingly not hot garbage coming from GiGA, if anything it's pretty fucking good (according to GiGA standards of course). But also the only not garbage from GiGA since their Baldr series.2020-10-03
8.7FinishedAo no Kanata no Four RhythmVery orthodox highschool "I was a prodigy but now I hate this particular sport and for some reason I must coach these people to victory!" kind of story. Basically Kirito but he tells you he hates swords. It's pretty good. Misaki best girl, no exceptions.2020-10-03
8FinishedAo no Kanata no Four Rhythm - EXTRA1The infamous EXTRA1 where Sprite just said Bye! and went into bankruptcy because their pace on releasing newer works is as slow as a snail.2020-10-03
6StalledAxanaelStylish but doesn't keep me engaged enough.2020-11-24
4DroppedBoku no Mirai wa, Koi to Kakin to. ~Charge To The Future~What the fuck is this? A eroge for gacha players to feel better or something?2020-10-03
6FinishedBRAVA!!Very unique artstyle and UI. That's it.2020-10-03
7.5FinishedCafé Stella to Shinigami no ChouOh Yuzusoft... Please... Put more effort into your games please.2020-10-03
9FinishedChange! ~Ano Ko ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~Please come back May-be Soft.2020-11-24
8FinishedChaos;ChildIf you know what to expect of from 5pb. then this is just more of that.2020-11-24
8FinishedChaos;Head NoahSame deal with Chaos;Child. Or I guess any 5pb. game.2020-11-24
8FinishedChrono ClockPurpleSoft's return to less dark, smut scenario. And evidently it wasn't as good as the others.2020-10-03
7FinishedCute Resort ~Shiyou yo♥ Ecchi na Activity~Digital Cute has always struck me as one of the nukige makers that doesn't take themselves seriously at all, not there's much to take to begin with.2020-10-03
8.5FinishedDaitoshokan no HitsujikaiProbably one of the more well-known works from August.2020-10-03
8FinishedDaitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep-Fandisk~2020-10-03
7FinishedDeatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to AtroposPretty alright. Not sure about the whole time-stop thing and since how most of Hutlotte's work are so braindead-ly close to being nukiges, why not go all out with it.2020-10-03
9FinishedDies iraeWhat else to say except it's probably the one if not one of the works that represent Light, the brand itself.2020-11-24
8FinishedDies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~What was the point of this?2020-10-03
8.5FinishedDocchi no i ga Suki Desu ka?Quite unique premise for a VN I have to say. The writing is just your average dating sim but the premise put quite a twist into the experience.2020-10-10
6FinishedDoko no Donata no Kanjou RootThe artstyle might seem familiar to you. And so do I. But regretfully that's the only thing that the game has going for it.2020-10-03
8.5FinishedDracu-Riot!Probably the last work that Yuzusoft actually put effort in writing since they're now busy drowning in money than to actually write something engaging for once.2020-10-03
3DroppedEinstein Yori Ai o KometeI think the reviews done by other people on this says it all. Way to go, Niijima Yuu.2020-11-20
7FinishedErewhonIf you know what's the deal with Clockup, then this is another installment of it.2020-10-03
7FinishedE School LifeProbably one of the weaker works from Hooksoft.2020-10-10
8FinishedEvenicle 2The sequel, more of the same thing really. Selling point for me as usual was Yaegashi Nan.2020-11-24
7FinishedEvenicle 2 RanceIt's Evenicle, but Rance.2020-11-24
7FinishedFloral FlowlovePersonally not a fan of the setting.2020-10-03
8.5FinishedGin'iro, HarukaThe third release by tone work's. Overall a very interesting experience, being able to watch as characters grow up and mature both physically and mentally isn't that common in VNs.2020-10-03
8FinishedGolden MarriageProbably the second last release I've played from Ensemble before they decide to go all in on traps for whatever reason?2020-10-03
8FinishedGolden Marriage -Jewel Days-Fandisk.2020-10-03
5DroppedHaji Kano ~Kimi ga Iru Heya~Uh play it for Ayumi Sarah I guess.2020-10-10
9.6FinishedHakuchuumu no AojashinLaplacian's tendency to infodump whenever they do their sci-fi settings, in my opinion, has always been a flaw of them that they had never gotten rid of. If they can overcome it and create something new of the same calibre, then they've got a masterpiece. GOTY 2020.2020-10-03
8StalledHamidashi CreativeIt's Madosoft. It's fun but more of the same stuff like Wagamama High Spec.2020-10-03