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c70212.22018-05-07 at 20:39x3h0nSupraSomeone looked at the GC without knowing the story?
c70211.22018-05-07 at 20:39x3h0nSheilaSomeone looked at the GC without knowing the story?
c70210.22018-05-07 at 20:39x3h0nDianeSomeone looked at the GC without knowing the story?
c45358.92017-08-25 at 18:41x3h0nMinazuki HotaruLoses her virginity before her route, so unless I'm missing something...
c56318.22017-03-11 at 09:51x3h0nKinashi Akarifrom in-game
c42876.32016-05-17 at 10:41x3h0nKashiba Ayamelink
c42869.82016-05-17 at 10:37x3h0nEbina Nadeshikolink
v18758.42016-03-29 at 13:25x3h0nMeimon Joshikou Ryokou ~Ore Dake Otoko Nandesuga!?~length
r39427.42015-03-26 at 13:36x3h0nKami no Rhapsody Trial - Interface PatchChanged to Trial, it was showing up as an full release in VN lists causing the dates to be all wrong.
r38623.22015-02-24 at 16:37x3h0nPeropero ☆ Teacher ~Damedame Onii-chan to Cosplay Ecchi?~ Trial EditionTrial