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t7442.9402022-06-23Game inclusion in the DBShould this link be added? It seems like a VN to me.
t2108.47442022-06-10Candidates for deletionCan link be undeleted? From link, it has been removed password protection and can be accessed.
t2108.47432022-06-09Candidates for deletionlink and link is duplicate.
t2108.47082022-05-11Candidates for deletionThis is not a vn. From link.
t18299.12022-05-02Regarding v17213Hi. Since this VN has been released and marketed in 2017 on, should it be undelete?
t18103.132022-04-03psychopaths main charactersSee that you can read Japanese, try Devils Devel Concept.
t17867.22022-02-20Regarding r78949.4I just change that because the fact they have Chinese tag before and on Steam I only see Simplified Chinese on Steam so I change that. So you should
t14943.22020-11-02Where is the original release?I don't know if it is true or not but I guess 危險人渣 is the original name of this release.