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r79383.52021-10-14 at 16:31vnnnnnnn-playerCORPSE FACTORYLooks like the release date has been changed.
r83816.32021-10-12 at 22:23vnnnnnnn-playerVA-11 HALL-A - JP Package EditionCapital letters.
r83816.22021-10-12 at 22:18vnnnnnnn-playerVA-11 Hall-A - JP Package EditionPS4 games are stored in Blu-Ray discs, and not DVDs.
r7700.62021-10-11 at 12:36vnnnnnnn-playerChaos;Head NoahNo website names the PSP release with "Portable" at the end, it's not written on the box art either. Also, fixed the devs/publishers section too.
r83706.62021-10-11 at 12:19vnnnnnnn-playerCorpse Party (2021)Also for Linux and MacOS.
r83708.32021-10-09 at 00:09vnnnnnnn-playerCorpse PartyI believe that these releases should be split. Also, reworded the notes section a bit.
r83713.12021-10-09 at 00:08vnnnnnnn-playerCorpse PartyCopied from r83712.1
r83712.12021-10-09 at 00:07vnnnnnnn-playerCorpse PartyCopied from r83708.2
r76760.42021-10-07 at 16:35vnnnnnnn-playerTsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-Not a patch since it's a port.
r82446.22021-10-07 at 16:30vnnnnnnn-playerTsukihime -The other side of red garden-Most likely will be rated CERO Z and published by Aniplex.