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Finished80 Days2021-11-02
Holding out for a TranslationAiyoku no Eustiafan patch o fan patch where art thou fan patch2021-01-01
FinishedAnalogue: A Hate Story2020-11-14
Holding out for a TranslationAxanael2022-05-21
FinishedBAD END2021-11-21
FinishedBoyfriend to Death2021-01-04
FinishedButterfly Soup2020-11-20
StalledCorpse Party: Blood Covered2020-11-13
FinishedCrimson Gray2020-12-06
FinishedCrimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn2020-12-26
FinishedDangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei2020-11-13
Holding out for a TranslationDEAD DAYS2022-05-12
StalledDies irae ~Acta est Fabula~2020-11-13
FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!2020-11-13
FinishedDream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator2021-11-21
Droppededen* They were only two, on the planet.there's a difference between "slow pace" and "continental drift"2020-11-13
StalledEver17 -the out of infinity-2020-11-13
FinishedFatal Twelve2020-11-13
DroppedFate/stay nightMy laptop literally died when I got to HF and I didn't care to redownload it on my new computer2020-11-13
Finishedfault - milestone one2020-11-13
Holding out for a Translationfault - milestone two GeI miss the fault series2020-11-13
Finishedfault - milestone two Jou2020-11-13
Holding out for a Translationfault - SILENCE THE PEDANTits never coming out is it :/2020-11-13
Finishedfault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE2022-11-23
Holding out for a TranslationFor Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~Denpa stuff, very old might never be translated but who can say2020-12-28
FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-2020-11-13
StalledGrisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA-2021-09-26
FinishedG-senjou no Maou2020-11-13
Holding out for a TranslationGUN-KATANA - Non-Human-Killer2022-11-14
FinishedGyakuten Saiban2021-11-29
FinishedGyakuten Saiban 22021-11-29
FinishedGyakuten Saiban 32021-11-29
Holding out for a TranslationHacchake Ayayo-san - Ayayo's After Five2022-06-30
Holding out for a TranslationHakuchuumu no Aojashin2022-01-31
FinishedHatoful Kareshi: HolidayStar2020-11-13
FinishedHatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~2020-11-13
FinishedHeart of the Woods2020-11-24
Holding out for a TranslationHentai Prison2022-02-18
FinishedHigurashi no Naku Koro nithe vn that introduced me to the entire medium, always will hold a place in my heart2020-11-13
-Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Console Arcs2022-01-09
FinishedHigurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai2020-11-13
FinishedHigurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei2022-01-09
FinishedJapanese School Life2020-11-13