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r33615.52020-12-02 at 08:01digibutter64Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyAlso available as a download from Nintendo eShop.
r42573.72020-12-02 at 07:59digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of JusticeThere are some fully animated cutscenes, like Dual Destinies.
r76186.32020-12-02 at 07:53digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Asinine AttorneyDLC clarification.
r76187.22020-12-02 at 07:49digibutter64Apollo Justice: Asinine AttorneyUpdated age rating.
r76187.12020-12-02 at 07:49digibutter64Apollo Justice: Asinine AttorneyOne of the non-canon mini DLC episodes.
r76186.22020-12-02 at 07:45digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Asinine AttorneyDate
r76186.12020-12-02 at 07:42digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Asinine AttorneyOne of the non-canon mini DLC episodes.
r54588.32020-12-02 at 04:06digibutter64Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyClarified partial voicing ("Objection!" "Take that!", etc.).
r56431.22020-12-02 at 03:46digibutter64Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthPartial voices ("Objection!", "Eureka!", etc.).
r42573.62020-12-02 at 03:43digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of JusticeSome text is voiced.
r53689.142020-12-02 at 03:39digibutter64Doki Doki Literature Club!Some voices near the end.
r60512.62020-12-02 at 03:36digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney TrilogyClarified partial voicing ("Objection!" "Take that!", etc.).
r34424.52020-12-02 at 03:35digibutter64Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - EU/AU Download EditionClarified partial voicing ("Objection!" "Take that!", etc.).
r54588.22020-12-02 at 03:30digibutter64Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyClarification that it is an official release and that this English version is download-exclusive.