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HairAhoge, Prehensile Hair
EyesColor Changing
ClothesCorset, Fur Coat, Fur Trim, Sarashi, Sukeban
ItemsBackpack, Bag, Ball, Bindle, Binoculars, Book, Broom, Canteen, Carpet Beater, Crystal Ball, Doll, Drill [Tool], Fanny Pack, Flower / Plant, Handbag, Hand Fan, Hand Saw, Hypodermic Needle, Ji, Knife, Mop, Notebook, Pen, Pickaxe, Pitchfork, Playing Cards, Ruler, Scissors, Shovel, Sports Baton, Stuffed Toy, Stun Grenade, Teacup, Tray, Umbrella, Vacuum Cleaner, Walking Stick, Whistle, Wrench
PersonalityAra Ara, Archaic Dialect, Jibun, Made-up Words, Old-fashioned, Refined, Secretive, Yangire
RoleAsexual, Customizable Appearance, Housewife, Kouhai, Nameable, Present in Flashbacks Only, Princess, Senpai, Tsukkomi
Engages inBreaking the Fourth Wall, Calligraphy, Cleaning, Cooking, Dancing, Daydreaming, Disguise, Drawing, Driving, Fashion Design, Filming, Gardening, Henshin, Impersonation, Infiltration, Invisibility, Letter Writing, Massage, Origami, Photography, Planning, Reading, Sarcasm, Sewing, Shopping, Singing, Sports, Stargazing, Time Manipulation, Turndown, Whittling, Yoga
Subject ofBridal Carry, Ear Cleaning, Massage
Engages in (Sexual)Ballbusting

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r105161.22023-03-29 at 16:00carri-mihomeugh, kidsAdded resolution, no animations.
r105155.12023-03-29 at 02:45carri-mihomeMiyagi's ShellOriginal(?) release.
r67244.52023-03-29 at 02:39carri-mihomeMiyagi's ShellAdded age rating (taken from CloudNovel), engine, resolution, not animated except background effects. Release date changed to the one listed on itch
r59130.32023-03-28 at 18:41carri-mihomeMonster MatchAdded engine, resolution, partially voiced, no animations.
r60811.92023-03-28 at 06:17carri-mihome1000 SlovAdded engine, resolution.
v23641.22023-03-26 at 21:54carri-mihomeSecrets Are Messy Like OmelettesAdded length, screenshots.
r58398.42023-03-26 at 21:40carri-mihomeSecrets Are Messy Like OmelettesAdded resolution, correct engine, partially voiced, no animations.
r75417.22023-03-26 at 19:46carri-mihomeWitches x Warlocks - Free VersionChanged to Complete as per t19990.
v40747.32023-03-26 at 19:14carri-mihomeMy Best (Magical) Friend!Added screenshots. Used the downloadable version. It lacks native resolution, so the optimal resolution of screenshots pinpointed with math
r51162.62023-03-25 at 23:24carri-mihomeThree at the EndChanged resolution. The default frame for it seems to be 960x540(16:9) and the assets themselves are 160x90(16:9).