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c88060.82022-03-25 at 17:37aldynMari Morgan+1 trait
c9808.242022-03-07 at 11:04aldynMusashi Kosugi+1 trait
c80821.312021-10-28 at 14:19aldynIzumi Konatsu+1 trait.
c82699.72021-08-16 at 04:58aldynAkihara Shiho+1
c328.242021-08-12 at 20:36aldynShokatsuryou Koumei+1
c62612.32021-06-02 at 07:29aldynChienAdded many traits. Feel free to fix any mistakes.
c32157.32021-05-10 at 10:16aldynWatarai Ikuto+1
c5194.202021-04-25 at 17:16aldynMarco Polo+1
c755.152021-04-23 at 01:24aldynHondou Jun'ichirou+1
c755.142021-04-22 at 02:42aldynHondou Jun'ichirou+1
c3733.132021-04-21 at 22:06aldynStarship Jeremiah+1
c753.312021-04-21 at 21:12aldynStarship Ezekiel+1
c753.302021-04-21 at 21:09aldynStarship Ezekiel+1
c753.292021-04-21 at 19:48aldynStarship Ezekiel+1
c752.412021-04-19 at 20:51aldynIrina Vladimirovna PutinaReplaced trait for accuracy.
c3736.152021-04-17 at 01:54aldynKuon+1
c17201.92021-04-03 at 19:26aldynCleopatra+2, description
c88637.82021-02-25 at 00:55aldynLovelia+4 traits, 3 of which are major spoilers due to playing a major role in an ending.
c1482.82021-02-05 at 19:06aldynTachibana EijiAdded one trait.
c51006.192021-01-24 at 21:32aldynShiina ChieriSmall edit with more info.
c57763.112021-01-24 at 21:28aldynMuroto KoutaMore info, more accuracy, better grammar.
c51006.182021-01-24 at 21:11aldynShiina ChieriMore info, more accuracy, better grammar.