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t12674.12019-07-30WARNING!!! DO NOT PLAY THE TRUE END!!!The VN gets better and better as get to the Alive route. It raises your expectations for what the final ending will be and at towards the end you can
t12445.112019-06-17Now this is what a true masterpiece should be#9 A reasonable argument. The pace of Urushibara Yukito work is slower then most VNs. Although it has improved much from Irotoridori no Sekai(no more
t12445.62019-06-11Now this is what a true masterpiece should be#4 Yes I agree there is still many inconsistencies but pretty much every story has some inconsistency or bad decision by the characters. That's why I
t12445.32019-06-11Now this is what a true masterpiece should beHmm from what you have said it seems that you don't like nakiges that much and that's fine. I am not going to try to persuade you otherwise. I will
t12445.12019-06-11Now this is what a true masterpiece should beI am in complete awe at the high quality of this VN. As a nakige it has blown everything else I have seen out of the water. I probably have to bump
t10939.12018-07-18Guess which route did Niijima Yuu writeI feel fairly certain Niijima Yuu wrote Kusima Kagome and with much less confidence Tsumugi Wenders route. Both of these routes have the fairy tale
t9142.12017-05-01Key + Niijima YuuEnough Said!
t7153.172016-02-17What happenned on the true end??Man. This true route made me partially lose trust in humanity for a moment.
t6415.32015-08-13Time Loop plot holes questionsOk I see. Thanks for the reply; that makes much more sense now. I guess we just have to accept that it was a coincidence that no matter who gets
t6415.12015-04-15Time Loop plot holes questionsNote: Spoiler Heavy So after playing this vn I have several questions about the plot that I dont really understand. I would be of great help if
t5380.32014-06-10Route 2 Ending Meaning?The never stopping clock tower that Jabberwock tried to make was his greatest goal when he was king. His plan was that in a world filled with
t5380.12014-06-02Route 2 Ending Meaning?Just finished playing Majo Koi Nikki and am kinda confused on what the route 2 ending is trying to say. (The one where Jabberwock finds his empress
t5120.122014-03-14What are your Top 10 Story Driven Routes@kilicool64 well in Kanon there is more of a character preference as well as dated graphics and in Clannad the school arc is only slightly above
t5120.72014-03-10What are your Top 10 Story Driven RoutesYeah story vs. character driven often overlaps so either or is fine.
t5120.42014-03-10What are your Top 10 Story Driven RoutesWhy not? Have you read the particular routes listed?
t5120.12014-03-08What are your Top 10 Story Driven RoutesHello everyone I am new to the discussion boards so I am sorry if there is another thread that already exists that is similar to this one. All I
t2479.122013-10-28Shinku (true) routeIts nice to see alot of people enjoyed this route so since this is a discussion thread. I would like to ask those who have liked this route what your
t4029.12013-04-27Seasonal ThemeWoah I have just noticed that Sagaplanets has been using seasons as a theme in its past few games: Natsuyume Nagisa - Summer Kisaragi-GOLD★STAR
t3611.12013-01-06Comparisons to AnimeI have just watched the anime and was wondering how similar the game is to the anime since I am interested in the game. Can anyone who has seen both
t3126.12012-08-29Second Playthrough RecommendationI recommend a second playthrough of the game especially the Shinku route. It makes all the thoughts Yuuma share more sensible and less confusing and
t3005.12012-07-30Rewrite Harvest Fiesta CommentWhen I first got this game I recognized that the the game size was ~7.5 GB and I though oh there much be a lot of story packed in this game since the
t2565.32012-04-03All Ages Fandisk... How will this work???All ages game and all ages fandisk are totally different matters
t2565.12012-04-02All Ages Fandisk... How will this work???Ok so we know that Rewrite is getting a fandisk but whats more is that its only all ages how are they going to accomplish that. If it was a sequel
t2479.102012-03-29Shinku (true) routeI am surely looking forward to it
t2479.92012-03-29Shinku (true) routeI do agree that there was not enough character interaction especially for the Shinku Route but the reason we feel that way is because of how amazing
t2502.32012-03-29Themed ChoicesI have only just started but I would say that the introduction is on the best hooks I have seen since Rewrite
t2502.12012-03-15Themed ChoicesI was really surprised when I got to the choices in this VN they do a great job in theme with the Deja-vu of the protagonist.
t2479.72012-03-12Shinku (true) routejust use ITH and TA and you can understand everything fine
t2479.52012-03-06Shinku (true) routeSame here I liked Shinku as soon as I started playing. I was stunned when I looked at the walkthrough and saw that her route was the true route lol
t2479.32012-03-05Shinku (true) routeYes its a happy ending. Its also enforced true route but in my opinion just go though Mio and Kana routes, get the save game, and go into Shinku
t2479.12012-03-05Shinku (true) routeI have got to say this route is definitely the best True route I have ever seen. It has everything you could ever want from a Nagike put together in
t2071.12011-09-25the end?I have played through the end of Birth for Yours and feel like there is still more to the story left. Does anyone know if there is another sequel