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r95380.62023-05-23 at 19:15username15903The Knight's Dilemmares
r107580.12023-05-20 at 06:47username15903WALLMANadded release
v44715.12023-05-20 at 06:45username15903WALLMANadded vn
r29123.32023-05-13 at 02:30username15903HEROwebsite, engine
r26403.92023-05-11 at 04:05username15903Nostalgia wa Annei no Umi niwebsite doesn't work anymore, no wayback
r101628.22023-05-10 at 23:06username159035nights 6dayswebsite, engine, res
r101627.32023-05-10 at 23:04username15903My Prince?website
r81483.42023-05-10 at 22:58username15903Reversefixed website
r105583.22023-05-10 at 19:27username15903refines!release date from official website (link)
v18602.42023-05-10 at 11:57username15903Kimi ni Sasageru Kisekiimg in original language, titles in other languages