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t2108.38762021-07-04Candidates for deletionr45260 is a dupe of r45259
t8242.6212021-07-02The how to edit threadWhat do I put for a 4+ age rating? The closest options are either 6+ or all ages.
t2108.38752021-07-02Candidates for deletionI only added those 4 languages, but there are actually 18. The android version has 18 languages and the iOS version has 4. I've had the app for a
t2108.38532021-06-26Candidates for deletionAbout Tamashii, Kaitorimasu bc I added the releases: All earliest info on the web I could find about this VN mentions it being released in only
t2108.38462021-06-25Candidates for deletionI merged them, you can delete these ones: r40978 r45255 And I removed Interspace Co., Ltd and GREE, Inc. as devs on Koi Ninja Sengoku Emaki's
t2108.38412021-06-24Candidates for deletionI've added all those releases except for these two I couldn't find anything about: Ninja Love Jan 24, 2012 (android) Ninja Love / Education Feb 7
t2108.38382021-06-23Candidates for deletionPlease delete these releases too for the same reason. English and Japanese were released on the same date, same app. The second one has a wrong
t2108.38332021-06-22Candidates for deletionIf my edit is wrong then savagetiger's separate release for the English android/ios release needs removed too. r45257.1
t8242.5772021-05-27The how to edit threadShould a teen rating be 12+ or 13+? I've been putting 13+ because that's what ESRB rating says it should be. But I keep seeing teen rated releases
t8242.5752021-05-25The how to edit threadDid I do the releases on this correctly then? Also, if a game says it's in Portuguese should I put it as "Portuguese (Portugal)" or "Portuguese
t8242.5722021-05-24The how to edit threadShould the iOS and android releases for these games be combined? Everything is the same about them. The iOS version is rated 17+ but not because the
t16102.32021-05-24this sucksThey should take inspiration from myanimelist in what ways though? What part of VNDB is bothering you?
t16101.62021-05-24Recommend short VnsYou haven't read Narcissu Side 2nd? It's supposed to take place before the first vn and I enjoyed it just as much.
t8242.5202021-04-16The how to edit threadclick edit on the vn then go to cast
t2108.36582021-02-26Candidates for deletionr22957 looks like this remake isn't going to happen
t3617.24562021-02-02Tags suggestions/fixesAbout the 'protagonist with a face' tag. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a 'protagonist without a face' tag instead. From what I've seen most