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2022-09-202Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season
2022-09-186.5I Was a Teenage ExocolonistSee my Short Review
2022-09-054Starfighter: EclipseGlad I don't care about its sourse material, otherwise I would've given it a lower score
2022-09-055Hatsukoi SignalNice art but writing is so dry
2022-08-295Kanja S no KyuusaiSee my Full review
2022-08-247Where We Lay Our SceneOliver best boy
2022-08-223Nursery School DiariesChaniMK didn't even bother with MC here
2022-08-186Ristorante AmoreNice genre shift
2022-08-174Ikazuchi no Senshi RaidySee my Full review
2022-08-157.5Digimon SurviveWould've been better as a pure VN
2022-08-144Our Lovely EscapeSee my Full Review
2022-08-147To LibertadI wish there was a sequel
2022-07-318Gyakuten Saiban 3
2022-07-317Gyakuten Saiban 2
2022-07-317Gyakuten Saiban
2022-07-316Ribbon of GreenCheesy but competent with its story
2022-07-274Senpai SimulatorVery bad attempt at Dating Sim parody
2022-07-256The Legend of Heavenly MistDecent BL with mystery element
2022-07-205No One But YouOnly played Ryo's route
2022-07-195.5A Pact With MeAcceptable, but lacing any conclusion
2022-07-185.5Our Fate ForsakenMC was the only likable character tbh
2022-07-174Mixed Feelings: While You Were AwayMC is a horrible person and doesn't deserve any love triangles
2022-07-179Gyakuten Kenji 2
2022-07-176.5Gyakuten Kenji
2022-07-168Kudan no FolkloreVery enjoyable GL title with nice pacing and characters
2022-07-166.5Laughter LandSome routes were so much better than the others
2022-07-155.5My Burning Heart
2022-07-148start;againSee my Short Review
2022-07-137The Divine SpeakerSee my Full review
2022-07-126.5Koumon No HanaBoth funny and cringy
2022-07-127Xin Shijie KuanghuanFunny men have sex. That's the game
2022-07-127The Snowdrop DiariesLiked everything besides the ending
2022-07-117The Five Steps to Ensuring Momo Graduates Successfully!!!
2022-07-073Amongst the SeasonsMeme tier art and garbage writing. Semi-interesting premise was butchered
2022-07-046Animamundi ~Owarinaki Yami no Butou~See my Full review
2022-07-036Teach Me Onegai!~Art is nice, too bad it's not fully colored
2022-07-017Cosmology of KyotoFun and short semi-educational game
2022-07-014The Curse Of MantrasFinished Ash's route, this was terrible
2022-01-187Forgive my Desires, FatherLiked this version more than the other one, the endings were much more interesting
2022-01-186.5Forgive my Sins, FatherEntertaining, but the UI and endings are a bit of a letdown
2022-01-184My Nemesis and Hero[Refunded] See my Full review
2022-01-044Koisuru KoropokkurSee my Full review
2022-01-022SleepoverSee my Short review
2022-01-022Offscreen ScandalSee my Short review
2021-12-269Taishou Mebiusline Teito BibourokuRoute of twins could've been better, Full review TBA
2021-12-195Hadaka ShitsujiThe game didn't take itself seriously, but it relied on the same tired jokes about MC being hardcore S to the point I lost all interest after 2 routes
2021-12-152Silver:LineVaporware with a terrible demo. I'll never back those types of games again
2021-12-157Royal AlchemistSee my Full Review
2021-12-145Project: Perfectly NormalStory was stupid, but I managed to enjoy it somewhat