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t17193.22021-10-15VN with the ugliest heroine?Do you mean characters literally drawn to look ugly? Like with visible acne or do you mean subjectively?
t17181.102021-10-14New category, a social simulation ?#8 There's more games like Doukyuusei in the db with no stats that are not pure VNs being mistagged but are also tagged as dating sims. Granted
t17181.72021-10-14New category, a social simulation ?"I do this link because of the video of Tim Roger on Tokimeki Memorial, where he compared the girls as "boss" in rpg, where you need a good enough
t17182.32021-10-14What's your favorite dating sim?True Love and tons of crappy shit that makes me feel nostalgia on Newgrounds (link link and link). I wish there was more VN-Date Sim hybrids in
t17181.52021-10-14New category, a social simulation ?Conflating sims with RPGs is stupid. They have nothing in common other than dealing with stats. Everything else is very different. Sims don't even
t17180.32021-10-1318+ plsLol I don't even think this will even have any ero. Nothing on the page seems to suggest that.
t2108.41122021-10-13Candidates for deletionPersona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth sigh
t17177.122021-10-12Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB.A better way to distinguish most CG sets from VN's is that most VN's have some sort of UI/interface or menu you interact with.
t17177.102021-10-12Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB."Is already covered by d2#1."Slightly offtopic, but are these new guidelines gonna be placed right under the current ones? "Alternative approach: VNs
t17177.82021-10-12Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB.r83658 I think this is the plain CG set judging by the by the description
t17177.52021-10-11Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB.#4 But do any of the CG sets have text on the like a comic book? Not likely. The fourth bubble on my criteria list also partially exists to keep out
t17177.32021-10-11Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB."In fact, those same barebones criteria were used by me when I decided if a digital comic can be considered a VN and could stay here or not."The
t17177.12021-10-11Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB.(Full title: Spastically trying to come up with guidelines for the inclusion of comics on VNDB) So I decided to do what you requested and try to
t3617.26552021-10-11Tags suggestions/fixesDeterminant Antagonist should be a subtag of Unique Routes
t17163.12021-10-10How long are all of the individual arcs?Just asking to know what exactly to expect here. Does each arc have roughly similar lengths to each other throughout or do they vary a lot in length?
t2108.41042021-10-10Candidates for deletion#4103 Care to explain how? The description and screeenshots for the game seem to indicate it's basically just an NVL (Noting this solely because NVL
w2943.12021-10-09Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~Tags are your friend.
t17089.32021-10-07Version Differences?According to the wikia site: "The Saturn edition is notable for introducing the ability for the protagonist to confess at the end of the game himself
t2108.40952021-10-06Candidates for deletionI can't believe Kumiko wants to delete Homestuck... It has even more "VN-style content" than 13 Sentinels!
t2108.40812021-10-03Candidates for deletionBakemonogatari Portable Absolutely not a VN. There is more gameplay than story in total and all of the cutscenes are literally ripped verbatim from
t2108.40802021-10-03Candidates for deletion"kinda makes sense because a lot of characters have quite a big change in their appearance and so you need to have separate tags for them."Yeah that
t2108.40772021-10-03Candidates for deletionWhy the fuck do all of characters on the YU-NO page have duplicate pages?
t16794.612021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?Oh gotcha. Lit majors tend to be pretty bad writers overall from what I hear. I tend primarily read litfic I was curious. Anyways, I often fantasize
t17105.452021-10-03Fourteen 🎉Holy shit, someone actually named an album after VNDB! MOD EDIT: How about not linking to SEO spam
t16794.592021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?"There are things like plot structure, flowery language, etc, but eventually, they are all just tools to impress the readers. This is something most
t3314.26572021-10-02TraitsSaberface lol
t1052.3072021-10-02Quotes question...Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ "The two of us are pretty strong, too. If we have a bamboo sword, at least." "But this book has 'Cunt' written
t16794.422021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?#42 It's just that OELVNs that use Japanese names never have any reason to aside from weeabooism. Even so, games like these tend to misunderstand
t16794.402021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?How can a OELVN be a masterpiece if it uses Japanese names? Unironic question here.
t15752.142021-10-01So this was confirmed to be a reboot?#11 How about no?
t17112.42021-10-01No info or opinions on this game at all?!The reason why you don't hear anything about this game because a lot of people chose not to buy it or promote it in anyway because the writer got
t15752.102021-10-01So this was confirmed to be a reboot?For Extella: t7442.752
t17105.42021-09-30Fourteen 🎉;)
t2108.40742021-09-30Candidates for deletionType Lumina definitely does not belong here. Playlist of all story mode playthroughs: link
t2108.40662021-09-29Candidates for deletionr659 basically no different from translated playthroughs and the like
t17095.52021-09-28What's the darkest, most fucked up VN you saw?link
t16867.152021-09-28Question about the vndb_txt twitter account"PS: sorry, historyeraser, but I will be the one featured on @vndb_txt."You already have been. You took the time, to archive my Twitter account, but
w2118.12021-09-28Kenzen! Hentai Seikatsu no Susume"Probably the only Eroge in existence that contains Donald Trump."how?
w906.42021-09-28Yagai Gakushuu 3This (link) made me come try to find this review
t3617.26432021-09-28Tags suggestions/fixesI proposed a Ethnically Diverse Cast tag, just so we have another reason to keep out Amare.
t3617.26372021-09-27Tags suggestions/fixesYeah it's a loaded nonsense buzzword. It's like the "grunge" of VN's. A single term being used to describes tons of things with little or nothing in
t2108.40652021-09-27Candidates for deletionAkihara Shiho and Akihara Shiho are dupes of Akihara Shiho
t3314.26562021-09-27Traits"Rusty Trombone" should be an alias of Rimming Handjob and Rimming Handjob .
t17083.12021-09-27Uncredited roles.We should have an option to list individuals as uncredited when assigning their roles to a VN. It's weird looking at Kevin MacLeod's page and seeing
t17078.72021-09-27Remake or the original?Lol I forgot that part. I do remember TADA complimenting Pulptenks Flanders's "floppy" tits. That's exactly what I was thinking when I played the
t3617.26352021-09-27Tags suggestions/fixesAmare Game uhhhhhh
t17078.52021-09-27Remake or the original?Remake is better but original is a fun novelty, TBH. #4 Source for TADA saying that?
t17074.62021-09-26Who are Hottest VN Heroes?#2 Pico is such an classic ero icon. Shota heroes FTW! Other than him, here's my lst: - Pierce and Lars Bronson from Let's Meat Adam. - Koyanagi
w2879.12021-09-25Catch the BunnyWhy is this spoilered?
t17072.42021-09-25"Fat ones can be hot, too."Who's Ileca?