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t7442.7852021-06-24Game inclusion in the DBMoonlight Syndrome The game's screenshots are very misleading. While the game does use some CG's with text to tell it's story, the game's various
t10302.2462021-06-24Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread>i'd consider the vndb staff most suspicious since they remove games to make sure the #1 vn goes to a ~~~~~classic~~~~~ Aegis Rimjob only had a
t5396.2582021-06-21PC98 Technical ThreadOk, there's another problem. Shizuku has like, 5 discs. Anex can only support 2 at best. So how the fuck does Neko Project work? It looks really
t5396.2572021-06-21PC98 Technical ThreadOk, so when I tried to play the converted roms, I just get errors. What's going on? EDIT: NVM, fixed it on my own.
t5396.2542021-06-21PC98 Technical ThreadHow am I supposed to play PC-98 games if the files are in .hdm format? Anex doesn't seem to support it.
t2108.38262021-06-21Candidates for deletionI was totally crossposting. I'm sorry.
w2264.42021-06-21ShizukuWow, I can't believe there is no translation considering it's place in VN history then...
w2264.22021-06-21ShizukuI've been meaning to play this game. I love the earthly colors used for the backgrounds and how it and the character sprites look. It has a Tsukihime
t2108.38182021-06-21Candidates for deletionWhy are you so against manga-esque VNs being in the DB Eacil?
t16281.72021-06-20Why is there a lot of VNs apart of non-vn series?link TBH, I have no idea if it should be here, even looking at the gameplay footage.
t16281.42021-06-20Why is there a lot of VNs apart of non-vn series?"Well, your planet stronghold entry doesn't make sense because all games in the series are the same kind of VN/RPG hybrid rather than any of them
t16281.12021-06-20Why is there a lot of VNs apart of non-vn series?I notice that a lot of non-VN game series have officially licensed VNs. I have even seen official VN's that are apart of series outside the realm of
t2108.38152021-06-20Candidates for deletionOtome Senki is a dungeon crawl with no story.
t2108.38142021-06-20Candidates for deletionThe demo for Truth has not been released since it's announcement in 2017.
t16266.162021-06-19How can VNs improve their storytelling?#14 I respectfully disagree. I initially played the demo with the impression that it would be as you described due to the game's descriptions
t11863.392021-06-19What is the best way to learn Japanese?Whoops.
t11863.372021-06-19What is the best way to learn Japanese?#35 I'm not using MTL. Just hooking the sentences and looking up the unfamiliar kanji on Jisho. I figure out what the sentences mean on my own.
t16266.132021-06-19How can VNs improve their storytelling?I'm not necessarily saying the art for that game is the best. Just that I would hate if people called it a JVN ripoff even though the writing is
t16266.112021-06-19How can VNs improve their storytelling?I disagree with you in regards art style in OELVN. If animesque art looks presentable, then I couldn't care less about what country it's from. Class
w2246.12021-06-18Doki Doki Literature Club!Wew, that's a pretty controversial stance on VNDB. I'll give you kudos for being brave enough to save that on here if even I disagree entirely/
w2236.12021-06-17Saya no UtaI'm surprised you have an account on here if you only played this game. As for more VN's you could play, I recommend Cupid. It's a fantastic horror
t3617.25492021-06-16Tags suggestions/fixesShouldn't "social media" be an alias of Social Networking Service
t2108.38042021-06-15Candidates for deletionHappy Dangan Ronpa S is just an RPG/Digital Board Game spinoff of Danganronpa. Not a VN at all.
t14978.92021-06-15Rance 02 Kai GDMangagaymer
t14978.42021-06-15Rance 02 Kai GD"Unlike future remakes like Rance 01 and 03, Rance 02 is a simple conversion, replacing the original art and interface, but directly copying the
t16243.362021-06-15Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?#32 Yeah, I found an really interesting article about people doing that in the 90's. It was really interesting: link
t14978.22021-06-15Rance 02 Kai GDYou should have played Kai. It rebalances the gameplay and actually expands the story a shitton. It sounds like you were just playing the normal
t16243.292021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?"Just replacing every -san with "Mister" feels very stilted. By now we have a standard set of honorifics established as vocabulary, so let's use them
t16243.212021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?#19 There's plenty of literal translations that can be described as "word for word translation". Ever play an NES game? link
t16243.172021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?It just seems like you're talking about a *bad* liberal translation when you're talking about "liberal dudebro LOLcalzations".
t16243.82021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?#7 But what if the translations all fucking suck a million dicks?
t16243.62021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?Yeah, broski was meant to be a translation of にいにい, not oniichan like what people were trying to claim back when that drama happened. Nii-nii would
t16243.42021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?"You don’t need to use dictionary definition (don’t forget j-e dictionaries filled by other users and sometimes awfully wrong or full of questionable
t16243.12021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?So last night I saw Eacil's review of Dead End Junction and I was amused by the part where he said "I am not in Team Liberal.", so much so I wanted
t15768.112021-06-14Is there a list of deleted VNs?And Metal Gear Solid 2.
t11863.342021-06-13What is the best way to learn Japanese?What games have you guys been playing for practice? I chose this indie freeware JVN called Hazama Tasogare. I've been text hooking this and
t16235.32021-06-13Anyone else playing this to improve JP skills?Fuck, sorry.
t16236.12021-06-13Getting all of the endings?I gotten 12 of them. Does anyone else know how to get the last 3?
t16235.12021-06-13Anyone else playing this to improve JP skills?I've been text hooking this and searching up all of the words I don't get on understand on Jisho and then copy and pasting the text onto a text
t16217.382021-06-12Visual Novels Are games?/v/ is a slice of shit. Maybe I'll respect their opinion on whether or not VNs are games when they actually start talking about video games.
t7442.7822021-06-11Game inclusion in the DBI saw a video of Buddy Mission Bond and it appears to be a pure adventure game with only dialogue. link What do you guys think?
t3617.25472021-06-10Tags suggestions/fixesParody should have a more precise tag description since I want to make a 'Satire' tag. It would help if we made the differences more clear in the tag
t16213.12021-06-09Is there any way to hook text from emulated games?I wanna play Tokimemo and other console VNs but it's gonna suck if I can't hook the text. Is there anything I can do?
t1052.2782021-06-07Quotes "Honestly, women just get pregnant so easily." link "Okay, guys, be sure to tune in next week when we take on a serious topic: celebrity side
t16198.72021-06-06Fix for the steam version.I thought this was gonna be an empty thread. I'm glad people are still talking about this game. The steam community was so dead...
t16198.12021-06-06Fix for the steam version.As you may know, the steam release has an really annoying glitch where the game will pause whenever it tries to load a new song. Well there's a fix
t16196.12021-06-06Should I undrop this game?I personally found it really boring, but I hear people say it gets better later. What do they mean by this?
t16070.92021-06-04VN?#8 Then it should probably be deleted.
w1131.22021-06-04Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no DarlingI don't think the reviewer was necessarily saying otherwise.
t16102.512021-06-03this sucks#50 Nah, it's fuckin' epic!