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t15793.232021-10-10Did Takahiro really write this?#22 Oh mb. Haven't logged onto this site in a while. But basically there's a lot of rapey stuff later on. Straight up NTR if you get attached to this
t15793.212021-08-07Did Takahiro really write this?@2 the person that wrote KimiAru and MajiKoi also wrote Akame ga Kill? That's not so bad until you think about the sequel he also made
t9689.232021-01-24Review(Opinion)@4 Wait, so the ex got a sugar daddy or....? Do they just never explain it?
t15433.12021-01-21QuestionSo I'm interested in this game because there's both netorare and netori. How does it go specifically? Is there anything that the males do to the
t15422.32021-01-19What do you think about this line?Yea, I was thinking the same.
t15422.12021-01-19What do you think about this line?So the first time the FMC lets the chief do her raw, of course, he came inside her. There was the line: "When Yasushi does it, it won't even compare
t15319.52021-01-04Question about NTR specificsThanks for being frank. I just have a weird interest in games with avoidable NTR. I do like NTR, but I also like having the choice of having at least
t15319.32021-01-04Question about NTR specificsAvoidable as in an abrupt good end, or avoidable as in the MC just doesn't end up finding out about the kiss and all the other things that ensues?
t15319.12021-01-03Question about NTR specificsLike the other discussion poster, I want to know the specifics before I consider buying the game. I don't care about spoilers; I already read someone