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t9011.32017-04-01Relationship page wider background@wakaranai that looks even better. I haven't known that you can change SVG.
t9011.12017-03-31Relationship page wider backgroundCould you make semi-translucent background wider? When there are a lot of relationship like in steins;gate link semi-translucent background ends near
t4830.12013-11-27Glajioul saga?Does anyone know if it exist? Or is it based on some other story/legend/myth/etc? Lot's of "stuffs" has some "real world equivalent" so I thought it
t4239.52013-10-02BGM?This is 2 endings, by Sentive: SENTIVE - RE:SET (lo:mix) 【 RE : SET 】     作詞・作曲・編曲 : SENTIVE (UNI) Vocal : 葉山 りく & 遊女 link SENTIVE - DOOR #306 (lo
t4634.12013-10-02"Hidden" stuffs-not story related.At the end of both bad endings you can see Saki in the room on the 1st floor and Yuumi near the same building in the alley. I haven't seen Maika
t4633.12013-10-02CSSIs there any cheatsheet or some list of used CSS on this site?
t4628.262013-10-01Happy Birthday to Me!#10 be patient... soon enough, vndb-chan will reach the molestable age. Sleep well and enjoy your slumber until then.don't take me wrong but does she
t3599.122013-01-14Some love for the API@Yorhel That will be very helpful, I guess. Thank you again.
t3599.92013-01-12Some love for the API@7 I'm familiar with C-like languages. Well... node.js. I should check it. @8 I wanted to do something like 'mal updater': login, check your list
t3599.62013-01-09Some love for the APIIt sounds great. As I lack of big skills in "internet programming" May I ask for some 'copy-paste' examples that I can use immediately? I just need