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c62174.212022-06-26 at 13:32KEVINNGW808Miyahara RyouAdd image for protag.
v32624.92022-06-24 at 07:18KEVINNGW808Study § Steady 2SPACE AAAHHH!!!
v32624.82022-06-24 at 07:05KEVINNGW808Study § Steady 2Ugh, miss.
v32624.72022-06-24 at 06:52KEVINNGW808Study § Steady 2Add Description. Feel free to check the TL.
v33206.72022-06-24 at 06:18KEVINNGW808ImookaAdd screenshots.
c111150.52022-06-24 at 05:35KEVINNGW808YuukoI'm hungry, for traits of course.
c111153.82022-06-24 at 05:33KEVINNGW808MomTraits.
c111151.72022-06-24 at 05:33KEVINNGW808FuuriAdd traits.
c111152.72022-06-24 at 05:32KEVINNGW808ChiyuAdd more traits, kek...
c111152.62022-06-24 at 03:42KEVINNGW808ChiyuUgh, trait.
c111151.62022-06-24 at 03:41KEVINNGW808FuuriTraits, again?
c111153.72022-06-24 at 03:39KEVINNGW808MomAgain, traits.
c111150.42022-06-24 at 03:39KEVINNGW808YuukoAdd traits.
c111153.62022-06-24 at 03:36KEVINNGW808MomAdd traits.
c111152.52022-06-24 at 03:31KEVINNGW808ChiyuThis too...
c111151.52022-06-24 at 03:31KEVINNGW808FuuriMiss some traits.
c111151.42022-06-24 at 03:29KEVINNGW808FuuriAdd traits.
c111152.42022-06-24 at 03:27KEVINNGW808ChiyuAdd traits.
c111153.52022-06-24 at 00:40KEVINNGW808MomDamn, you accidently make this gone.
v33206.52022-06-24 at 00:33KEVINNGW808ImookaAdd staff. Other staffs are not listed here as they are not available aka need new entry.
s26936.12022-06-24 at 00:18KEVINNGW808SusukiAdd staff.
c111153.32022-06-24 at 00:15KEVINNGW808MomAdd more traits.
v33206.42022-06-24 at 00:08KEVINNGW808ImookaAdd Voice Actor
c111153.12022-06-24 at 00:06KEVINNGW808Oka-sanAdd Character.
c111152.12022-06-24 at 00:01KEVINNGW808Chizuyu (Chiyu)Add Character.
c111151.12022-06-23 at 23:57KEVINNGW808Kaede (Furi)Add character.
c111150.12022-06-23 at 23:54KEVINNGW808YukoAdd Character.
v33206.22022-06-23 at 23:48KEVINNGW808ImookaAdd description and playtime.
r85758.82022-06-23 at 23:46KEVINNGW808ImookaAdd voiced option.
r85758.72022-06-23 at 23:41KEVINNGW808ImookaAdd date release.
c111103.42022-06-23 at 08:56KEVINNGW808Watson AmeliaAdd Spoiler for Time Travel.
v36629.22022-06-22 at 11:39KEVINNGW808Amelia Watson Case File no.420Add lenght.
v36131.72022-06-22 at 08:25KEVINNGW808Houkago Cinderella 2Add image.
g3586.12022-06-18 at 13:26KEVINNGW808Real Life Drawn BackgroundNew tag.
c101474.152022-06-11 at 01:42KEVINNGW808Arise KaguyaAdded some traits.
r91518.22022-06-09 at 06:58KEVINNGW808The Patient S RemedyAdded Release Date.
c56672.222022-06-05 at 14:51KEVINNGW808Raiha RäikkönenForgot to remove the spoiler.
r78787.172022-05-28 at 01:54KEVINNGW808Kinkoi: Golden TimeAdded release date.
c38915.342022-05-24 at 05:12KEVINNGW808Ryuusenji AifaIt's just her personality that always angry and sometimes rude, but not Tsundere enough.
c38917.232022-05-24 at 05:09KEVINNGW808Kiritani ReikaShe's not Tsundere enough.
r91519.62022-05-21 at 01:47KEVINNGW808How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public ServiceAdd minor stuff that I missed.
r91519.52022-05-21 at 01:45KEVINNGW808How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public ServiceFrom link
v26594.122022-05-21 at 01:40KEVINNGW808Kenzen! Hentai Kouboku no TsutomeAdded English Name and Desription. link
c56672.212022-05-04 at 06:19KEVINNGW808Raiha RäikkönenI don't think she's Tsundere enough.
i3663.12022-04-12 at 05:12KEVINNGW808Clothed BoobjobI have no idea what to summarize. Sorry.