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t18693.12022-07-02Sekai Project New TitlesWe have new titles from Sekai Project. Here's the summary. 1. Hamidashi Creative, Madosoft (link) 2. Raspberry Cube, Madosoft (link) 3. Watashi
t18580.112022-07-02Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelThere will be livestream about Anime Expo 2022 Visual Novel related, credits to superange128's Youtube Channel. Sekai Project: link Spike Chuunsoft:
t18580.102022-07-02Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelIt's time everyone. If you are in Anime Expo, you can share any information that related about Visual Novels here. Or links related to someone post
t18659.32022-06-28Mashimaro: First choice and impact.Fourth character is same?
t18659.12022-06-28Mashimaro: First choice and impact.First choice is who was I invited. Will this choice matter till next character choice or what? Example: I was invited Kanon, and the rest of story
t18589.52022-06-18No lolibaba tag or trait?You can say Loli Mature tho...
t18589.32022-06-18No lolibaba tag or trait?What is Lolibaba?
t18580.32022-06-16Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelNever know this Spike Chunsoft before. Thanks.
t18572.122022-06-16Best Yuzusoft Title?For me, it's RJ and SW. Nanami and Nene gives me vibe.
t18580.12022-06-16Anime Expo 2022 + Upcoming Visual NovelAnime Expo 2022 will begin on July 1st to July 4th. Acoording to schedule, we have events that related to visual novel 1. July 2, 2022: Visual
t18541.32022-06-09AMBITIOUS MISSION ROUTE GUIDEHow about don't post the link and make it by yourself? (Translate them) :P
t18509.32022-06-03Ambitious Mission: Best Heroine PollTrap is not heroine, Jesse. XD
t18509.12022-06-03Ambitious Mission: Best Heroine PollVote your favourite heroine.
t18476.12022-05-29Weekly Polls 2: Favourite Official VN TranslatorHi, KEVINNGW808 here. Last poll sure was chaotic, and it's my first time and turns out, not fun poll. But today, this poll will make a debate
t18448.192022-05-25Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre#19 Yes. Lemme think what next poll.
t18448.172022-05-25Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre#16 I'm sure you joking ._.
t18448.152022-05-25Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre#14 Lemme say you sarcastic, right? This poll is my first time. Next one is better. Lemme think what my poll for next.
t18448.102022-05-25Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre@9 Makes sense. Thanks.
t18448.82022-05-24Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre@6 Either both. If you like moege or eroge, why can't just pick both? It doesn't do anything about All-ages or H-Patch.
t18448.52022-05-24Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge GenreAlready edit. So this is now -ge genre favorite.
t18448.12022-05-24Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge GenreHi. KEVINNGW808 here. This time, I will make weekly polls. These polls act as surveys. So please vote what your favorites. We can discuss together in
t18351.62022-05-22Best heart-pupils in erogeOh yes. You talk about Heart-shaped pupils, right? This is my favourite if I found one, I can give more points. (Have to know the full context first
t18434.122022-05-22Anime Central 2022 AnnouncementsMy thoughts for new VN announcements. FLOWERS -Le volume sur hiver- : I kinda don't like Yuri at all. Kenzen! Hentai Kouboku no Tsutome : Sequel to
t18373.22022-05-12Wtf lolWhere?
t15437.12021-01-22The Steam Client is not running error message.IDK what to do. Help.
t15206.52021-01-21Best ROUTE Poll!Lol
t15369.12021-01-10Guide for 2 unknown tab on Extra Menu.I had play this game 100% full. But when I check Extra Menui, I saw this. link Can someone tell me the guide to unlock it?
t15368.12021-01-10When this game has English Version?This game is in Japanese language, but I like this Visual Novel. So when English version release? (MOD EDIT: moved from Real Eroge Situation!)