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t17041.152021-09-24is Nekonyan a American or German company?Yes, because God forbid they use a system that the reader will understand. It sounds like you're simply condemning Americans for still using
t16780.242021-09-24Hottest VN heroinesNo shame, huh? Anyway, I guess I'll chime in so the mods will settle down and stop deleting everything in the thread. Amane from Grisaia is a fair
t17041.132021-09-24is Nekonyan a American or German company?Okay, I can agree with that.
t17041.112021-09-24is Nekonyan a American or German company?Why are you extremely sure about that? What I'm describing isn't conjecture. It's a pretty well-known fact. While there might be some anecdotal
t17041.92021-09-24is Nekonyan a American or German company?A certain amount of localization is necessary. Yes, it can be done to excess, but fundamentally one has to expect a few changes at least. For
w2864.12021-09-24Lessons in LovePretty sure the 10's were fans that the author was directing to this site. He asked them to give it 10 and glowing reviews. The mods already called
t17063.32021-09-23Steam VersionYou should check out Steins;Gate. It's the best one of the Science Adventure series, and one of the highest-rated VNs of all time (seriously, only
t15686.122021-09-23I haven't finished this yet but...I know what you mean. One of the most egregious examples of a donkan I've seen was reading Dracu-Riot. In one of the routes, the love interest is
t15686.102021-09-23I haven't finished this yet but...I think the problem is that the writer uses character archetypes incorrectly. Such tropes are meant to be used as a tool, not a straightjacket
t17056.22021-09-23Would you say Saber is a tsundere?Eh, I wouldn't say that. She's never hostile toward Shirou. Maybe a kuudere? She's more about keeping things professional and is pretty aloof at
t16882.32021-08-26WakanaAs I said "roll with it". Or apparently public marriage proposals are a big crime to you as well. And he only yelled out the thing about them
t16882.12021-08-26WakanaBoy, nothing says love like publicly humiliating the object of your affections. Here's my problem ... if she just flat out rejected him at the
t16686.112021-07-25Surprisingly wholesomeUnless, of course, you think it's morally "wholesome" to have a guy with his dongle out. In which case, you're not terribly bright. #8 has it right
t16686.102021-07-25Surprisingly wholesomeI've noticed that the moderators tend to be delete-happy on here. Explain, in what way, I said anything remotely "homophobic". Cite specifics
t10559.122021-07-25The failure of this on SteamWhy this failed in the West: shitty marketing. Plain and simple.
t16686.22021-07-25Surprisingly wholesomeYeah, the dude's wang hanging out right on the title screen just screams "wholesome". Fun for the whole family!
t16673.112021-07-25besides mangagamer and jllistThought of a couple more. 6. G Senjou no Maou (Devil on G-String). This is a crime drama reminiscent of Heat, Fight Club, and The Dark Knight. Its
t16673.92021-07-24besides mangagamer and jllistI can recommend some to get you started. 1. Muv-Luv/Muv-Luv Alternative. This is pretty much the pinnacle of VNs. Alternative is the #1 rated visual
t11791.212021-07-24Is this gonna have H-scenes?Is that confirmed or are we speculating? Regardless, it's self censorship. Not interested.
t11791.192021-07-23Is this gonna have H-scenes?Also, I think people are forgetting that there are typically multiple versions of a release, across platforms. It's not that hard to include a free
t16673.42021-07-23besides mangagamer and jllistThere's also Denpasoft
t16673.22021-07-23besides mangagamer and jllistSteam is the obvious answer, though I make it a point to patch in the 18+ content that Steam yanked out (if the original had any). Much rather get
t11791.182021-07-23Is this gonna have H-scenes?I'll probably give it a hard pass. Hate censorship, including the self kind. And no, I don't care about the author's sensibilities changing over the
t11791.162021-07-23Is this gonna have H-scenes?#12 Because the original Tsukihime was 18+.
t15994.302021-07-22This VN is an award winnerThis protagonist was kinda annoying in the first hour or so, but then came into his own and was pretty freakin' hilarious throughout the common route
w2460.22021-07-22Senren * BankaMurasame was a good character, the rest were passable. Story was boring. Riddle Joker (another title by the same developers) was a far superior
t16655.42021-07-22Muv Luv Extra - True route?Oh, it's ... WAAAAAAAY more complicated than that. Don't worry about canon routes. If we're being technical, ALL of them are canon. I know that doesn
t16655.22021-07-22Muv Luv Extra - True route?Sumika's route is by far the most relevant to the whole saga. If you only plan to play one, play hers. The others have varying degrees of relevance
t15808.142021-07-21Favorite girl ?Mao is best girl, hands down. The relationship between the MC and her had a through line from the get-go, and it was the most natural progression
w2286.22021-07-10Fate/hollow ataraxiaEh, you're honestly better off playing the Fate/Stay Night VN. The animes are okay, but they leave out a lot of details. It flows together a LOT
w2065.102021-07-06Soukou Akki Muramasa#9 How about you calm down and not have a fucking chip on your shoulder, slick? He just said his opinion, and while you may find fault with it, you
w2065.82021-07-06Soukou Akki MuramasaOr how about you let people enjoy them the way they want without being a pretentious asshole? It constantly baffles me why people feel the need to
t14727.242021-07-01[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twists#23 Hush, child. Isn't it past your bedtime? P.S. Still using kek? Can't tell if you're congenitally insane or irretrievably stupid. Perhaps both. :)
t14727.222021-07-01[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twists#21 Well, considering you completely missed the point of the VN, it's not surprising that you're crapping all over it. And no, it wasn't obvious to
t14727.202021-07-01[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twists#19 The whole point was that it was a fake-out. The expectation was that Kyosuke was Maou . The VN threw hint after obvious hint for a reason
t14727.182021-07-01[hidden spoilers] Story full of cheap twists#12 You fell for them too, tsun-tsun.
t16317.82021-06-26common route gripeJust had a thought: compare and contrast. Scene from Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative: a couple TSF pilots begin harassing Takeru and Squad 207 because
t16317.72021-06-26common route gripeIt doesn't matter whether he wants to invoke her powers or not. Completely irrelevant. What IS relevant is the threat of crossing the princess
t16317.52021-06-25common route gripeWeak justification. "When their backs are turned" works with something like school faculty, not a princess whose whim can decide if someone
t16317.32021-06-25common route gripeThe plot doesn't make sense. Basically the princess has been established as someone who literally everyone perceives to be above them. She's
t16317.12021-06-25common route gripeOkay, I'm still in the process of reading this. In the common route still, so these are tentative thoughts/complaints, subject to change. Basically
t15994.252021-06-24This VN is an award winner#13 You should check out the Rance series. The protagonist is a class act who treats the ladies with respect.
t16293.62021-06-22an all too common problem#3 Ashe's fine once she starts going dere. It's getting to that point that's the trick. My point is that tsunderes have to be written with care, or
t16293.12021-06-22an all too common problemThis vn, like countless others, uses the typical "shit on the protagonist" form of ... comedy ... and does it to the exclusion of just about anything
w2198.12021-06-13Saya no UtaPretty much this. The biggest problem was the pacing. Too fast. Had the story been given a bit more time to simmer, it would've been even better
w2188.42021-06-13Muv-Luv AlternativeWhat the hell does Adam Levine have to do with anything? The criticism is that you failed to provide any explanation for your invective. If you don't
t16104.282021-06-13Suspicious reviews#26 I had no clue your game existed until I saw this thread. I played it, and ... well, it's good! Keep it up, I'm waiting to see more updates / the
w2188.12021-06-08Muv-Luv AlternativeSorry it went over your head. The Muv-Luv series isn't for the ADD-riddled.
w2181.62021-06-06Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-It took you a MONTH to finish the common route? How freakin' slow do you read, anyway? I finished it in about four to five days. Yes, it's long, but
w1767.102021-06-06Muv-Luv AlternativeNot you, it's just an unfortunately common misconception. While some actually get into TR as a fetish, it's not presented that way in MLA at all