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t6407.52015-05-22I don't think I can play this.I enjoyed that generic highschool crap more than Alternative and also more than Eden. I know there are not many people like me but I just wanted to
t1416.772014-03-30Air translation?Great news! Looking forward to that!
t5154.12014-03-20English release possibiltyFor anyone who wonders if it's likely for this visual novel to be released by Mangagamer, I asked them about the possibility and this is the answer I
t4122.6392014-01-19Too bad they are ruining this game.Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most successful companies in this niche market, Moenovel, has just reached 100k likes on Facebook! This means a
t4857.122013-12-04Why so many Russian VNs/translations?That doesn't say much about the popularity of anime in Russia. Everyone knows piracy is widespread.
t4690.32013-11-01Toushin Toshi 2 English releaseAnyone knows how to save in this game? ~_~
t4122.5112013-08-14Too bad they are ruining this game.Of course they're fake, Mangagamer is still on 1.000 likes, so how can anyone think Moenovel can realistically be on 40.000+
t4122.5032013-08-13Too bad they are ruining this game.Moenovel is now on 40.555 Facebook likes, LOL.
t1416.642013-08-09Air translation?Well, it's just a beta patch, so I guess it's better to wait for the next release. Still, better than nothing. ^_^
t4122.4712013-07-16Too bad they are ruining this game.That's not certain. I also think the number of their Likes is suspiciously high. There are even people commenting how happy they are playing their
t4122.4592013-07-16Too bad they are ruining this game.It's not complete yet, it just restores sex scenes. The bad thing is that Moenovel seems to be very successful with this, it has over 24000 Facebook
t4084.152013-05-15[News] MoeNovel's "If My Heart Had Wings"This is what I got from Moenovel: Thank you for your view on the game. We understand that you are disappointed and are unsatisfied about this
t4066.3932013-05-14AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!luckypapaper said: "They'll be another big disappointment if they DO succeed and ONLY publish all age games" Exactly! This development is very
t3818.42013-03-11Same people voting 1sHmm, it's even worse than someone giving only 10 to everything, like this one: link
t3730.22013-02-16About Chou Dengeki StrykerI'm wondering about the same. I guess it's better to wait for the upgraded version.
t3299.62013-02-15Second playtroughI started my third playthrough and I retained character levels from my cleared game. Now I have three new characters, Lily, Leguna and Golem and they
t3726.52013-02-11Chart?Damn! I really feel stupid. But I hope it helps people with the same problem.. :-D
t3726.12013-02-10Chart?Am I the only one who misses some kind of 'VN Top 100" chart here? Or is it available somewhere and I'm just not seeing it?
t3110.192013-01-18Never7 General DiscussionI must say that I'm enjoying this game more than Ever17 or Remember11. But now I wonder if it's worth playing Izumi and Yuka Cure routes, because I
t3110.182013-01-02Never7 General DiscussionGreat, thanks!
t3110.162013-01-01Never7 General DiscussionThanks but the CD version of the executable is the same and I'm afraid I didn't find the music files, just wavs with sounds.
t3110.142012-12-28Never7 General DiscussionI guess there's no way to turn down that annoying music, is there?
t2095.1412012-11-07YU-NO - GDgabezhul: Yeah, I agree, I don't say I don't like it, I'm kinda drawn into the story. ^_^ overmage: LOL, he was talking about someone else. And don't
t2095.1352012-11-07YU-NO - GDI don't know, I'm at 36% completion and I cannot say that I'm very excited about this game. And haven't been in any different world so far.
t906.622012-07-09Confirmed translation soon =DGood VN but nothing outstanding. Kira Kira was much better, in story, characters, music etc.
t2073.152011-09-30Thank You Overdrivemoogy: What the fuck are you talking about? Both Edelweiss and Kira Kira are awesome and Overdrive is a company that cares for us gaijin probably the
t1885.112011-09-19StarlessI can't believe there are people giving 10 to this.
t1251.202011-08-25Is there a need to read the parent story?I had major fun reading Extra and I was not bored even a moment. On the contrary, Alternative is draggy as hell, particularly with Yuuko sensei
t1502.12011-06-23Impressions and opinionsI'm following Rin's route and so far I'm really enjoying this VN. I even stopped playing the infamous G-senjou because of this. I really enjoy
t812.542011-02-25Ending? *heavy spoilers*Yes, they burned the table and as desperate as they were, they sure would have burned the useless wooden ladder and planks as well.
t812.462011-02-23Ending? *heavy spoilers*Aside from the metaphysical stuff, I can't help wondering why they are freezing to death in that cabin when everything there is made out of wood
t812.352011-02-17Ending? *heavy spoilers*gabezhul: Oh well, I agree the conditions were very hostile, but still the bahavior of those people is a bit hard to believe. That's the problem of
t812.322011-02-17Ending? *heavy spoilers*Jeez, who wrote this game? People in Japan cannot live without food for one day without starting fighting over it? It reminds me of South Park
t1157.322011-02-04Quartett! -General Discussion-First I was a bit reluctant to add voices but the game's better with them. Despite the fact it's a bit unstable with the voice patch.
t951.292011-02-02General DiscussionDidn't finish it. Bored me to death.
t988.172010-12-03Can you recommend it to everyone?gabezhul: There are two blue haired girls in da capo.. ^_^
t988.112010-12-01Can you recommend it to everyone?A must for Kotori fans...
t760.62010-07-29Just me or is this a masterpieceyukari: Of course it's a masterpiece. If anyone fails to see it, it's their problem.. ~_~
t536.12010-03-31High ScoreI was wondering what are your best results guys. That Rain Mystique song is difficult as hell. My best result so far on normal difficulty is 22724
t170.32010-02-02Da Capo charactersLOL, Mako's route feels a bit rushed. They're not even going out for real yet and he's already rubbing her pussy.. :-D
t252.22009-12-19Nice gameI didn't like it as much as Prison Battleship but still one if the best dark eroges I've played.
t188.22009-07-14Moon. - Walkthrough RequestI can't imagine playing this for the second time, with all that tiring walking.