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t6402.32018-09-17What's their deal?Ah. Was hoping for something a little deeper, but please accept my belated thanks all the same.
t6402.12015-04-11What's their deal?I've never played this game, only admired the artwork and watched the single episode anime adapting it. Since it doesn't seem too likely that there
t6082.12015-01-08Sakura-Rider Eclipse sceneI think I may have missed this on my first playthrough, I'm presently on what the GameFaqs walkthrough refers to as Phase 5 and am not sure if I'm
t5203.72014-04-12Thy slumber is most wondrous to behold!It's a School Days/Haruhi/To-Love-Ru/Haganai and a few other things crossover, that's also a sequel to a pair of other stories that I wrote, available
t5203.52014-04-11Thy slumber is most wondrous to behold!Okay, I'll just make something up when I do that scene in my fanfic. Thanks all the same.
t5203.32014-04-09Thy slumber is most wondrous to behold!Haven't been able to find it again. But it's a scene on the rooftop, where Makoto is given the option of letting Sekai have a snooze on his shoulder
t5203.12014-04-07Thy slumber is most wondrous to behold!Okay, this bit is pretty clearly a reference to some other game, probably a JRPG. But does anyone know specifically which one?
t2095.872011-10-30YU-NO - GDOf course, it's also possible that Amanda was raped by the people who caught her or someone at the prison before she and Takuya met each other, and
t2095.562011-10-11YU-NO - GDAnyway, having finally gotten through to the end, I would give it a 7. It loses points for the repetitive hunt and click screens, for the random
t2095.542011-10-10YU-NO - GDI think it's explained. in her journal it' mentions that by that point she didn't have the strength required to MOVE to the puzzle in order to solve
t2095.392011-10-08YU-NO - GD@loctar87 -- my memory is pretty bad, so I don't remember the credits well enough to say for sure. After I go through that ending one more time to
t2095.362011-10-08YU-NO - GDOkay, I tried both visiting Geo Tech at the beginning and going to the bedroom rather than the study, and still no sale. My last best guess is that
t2095.332011-10-08YU-NO - GDJust for reference -- have you gotten it while playing WITH the English translation patch? I'm concerned that there might be a problem there.
t2095.312011-10-08YU-NO - GD<shakes head> I have checked the map, and I keep getting close to the branch point that I need to put me at 100%, but I never manage to get there
t2095.232011-10-07YU-NO - GDOkay, kinda sorta blocked again. Well, it's more or less vanity blocked ... I'm at 99% completion, and I'd like that last lousy percentage. The
t2095.112011-10-05YU-NO - GD... sigh. I thought the intro that the walkthrough meant was the demonstration of how to play the game! Thank you for the tip! Anyway, now I just
t2095.92011-10-05YU-NO - GDSigh. Blocked again, and this time almost at the end of the game. The clock puzzle in the study. No idea which buttons to press or how to get the
t2095.62011-10-04YU-NO - GD... sigh. I did push the button, but somehow missed BOTH floor carvings ... I'm really really bad at this kind of game ... Nonetheless, thank you.
t2095.32011-10-04YU-NO - GDWould it be all right if I asked for help? I'm currently stuck in Mio's route, unable to figure out how to find a way past the stone gate. Apparently