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2021-11-218.6Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-The writing and prose would either drive you away (much like Sakurai's other works), but if you stick to it, it is REALLY engaging. With detailed world-building, 3 dimensional characters and charming visuals, it leaves a lasting impression
2021-11-216Ohime-sama datte XXX Shitai!! -Horny Magical Princess-It's fun... But I didn't feel as strongly to Marika compared to Ema relatable-ness, it's a pretty fun read at least!
2021-11-216Jooubachi no OubouHuh.... It's not as bad as I thought, Kaguya truly is queen and despite the nonsensical world-building, (they really did make this bee world for THAT, right?) weird pacing, and weak plot, it was pretty enjoyable, if making me squeamish at times. Score tentative until I played Menou-hen.
2021-11-108Kimi ga Nozomu EienOh yeah, I did watch the animated adaptation. It was a very good drama, can't wait for the en release
2021-11-107Lian Yu Zhi Zuo RenI did play this a long time ago... It was a simple and good time
2021-11-079Chou no Doku Hana no KusariMAJIMAAAAAA (i'll write a thorough paragraph someday, but let it be known I'm still emo thinking abt this man)
2021-10-067.8Spade no Kuni no AliceThe demo alone is very good! I can't wait to play the rest. After playing the og heart ofc
2021-10-028New Dangan Ronpa V3 Minna no Koroshiai ShingakkiI have so many things to say abt that plot twist, I feel.it could be executed better. But that aside the cast are the most I love in this series
2021-09-299.5SeaBedA melancholic yet hopeful tale of grief, and of the process and mental health surrounding it, told with sympathetic & human characters
2021-09-088Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~They are happy & that is enough for me
2021-09-067.5Tokimeki Memorial 2Kaori my beloved
2021-09-067Tokimeki Memorial10/10 would date Shiori again no matter the obstacles (no I'm just half joking, I can't do that I'm sorry Shiori-)
2021-09-035Neko Para -Catboys Paradise-It was decent, I understand it being too short to have proper romance but I wish for something more :')
2021-08-297.8Tears of ThemisMarius (Lu JingHe) my little meow meow
2021-08-287.4Re:Birthday Song ~Koi o Utau Shinigami~Some routes felt like copy pasta & the world building missed a lot of potentials. But the characters are great, their interaction together warms my heart. And then that last scene, just that last scene ;;
2021-08-288.5Dai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken-I played the fanpatch years ago and can't wait to replay it!
2021-08-287Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-The common route is so long, I halt it for 2 years alrd
2021-08-288Kira☆KiraI remember playing the all-ages version years ago as one of the very few vn with official english translation and quite enjoy it! The music is memorable, the characters are fun, but I forgot mostly what happened in the plot, so need to replay someday
2021-08-285Neko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Cat girls. Yea that's it
2021-08-287.5I/OIt was a solid 8 until the very last route happen, so I lower it. The music is a banger at least
2021-08-284Bad Medicine -Infectious Teachers-Not really my taste. The art is good, the plot is meh, and it was very boring overall. P.S. where's the spanking? This is false advertising!
2021-08-277Garnet CradleI remember liking the ost, but other than poster boi I'm not that invested in everyone else. Twas ok tho
2021-08-257Suki Da!Boy I love it when I can top the guys *insert lenny face*
2021-08-259428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~Good mystery, humor, characters, amazing presentation, but need that skip prev read text
2021-08-258.6Haitaka no PsychedelicaI wish some character routes are as fleshed out as the poster boi/true one, but aside of that great mc, all characters are interesting, where's the 3rd game and what's the deal with [redacted]???
2021-08-248Kyoukai no ShirayukiPretty good premise, but I kinda fell asleep in some routes
2021-08-1310KintoukaThis vn is a masterpiece. I love your writing Tsushimi-sensei ;A;
2021-08-018.5BustafellowsAmazing presentation, character conflicts, and cast dynamics. A bit mixed with the social commentaries and certain things in the unlockable end hampered my enjoyments. But overall, it's a very solid vn. Definitely recommended. Really looking forward how the sequel will handle certain plot points
2021-07-268Kenka Banchou Otome ~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~If you love the first game you'll lovethis one too
2021-07-047Backstage Pass
2021-06-218.5AI: The Somnium FilesIt might have some weird fanservice jokes but other than that, it got a nice cast, fun gameplay, Aiba is bae, and a very nice plot twist! Can't wait for the sequel! (P.S. MIZUKI MIDOTTER)
2021-06-215I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating SimulatorYea they make colonel sanders a dilf and that's it.
2021-06-214Teikoku Kaleido -Banka no Kakumei-At least it has good art, haha..
2021-06-217Wand of Fortune 2 ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~There's solomon, and also Alvaro
2021-06-218Wand of FortuneSystem aside, I love Lulu, the characters route, and Alvaro you bastard I love/hate you
2021-06-217.5Magical Otoge AnhollyLove the atmosphere & I feel a lot more for this one than Ciel
2021-06-216Kamigami no Asobi - Ludere DeorumIt's... decent for me, is it bad that I prefer Yui in the anime? Most of the routes feel samey to me
2021-06-214Gakuen Club ~Houkago no Himitsu~It's so full of cliched tropes, but were executed so boringly I groaned painfully in every scenes. Art was nice at least
2021-06-215EphemeralI fell asleep, it was so-so. I'll try to pick it up again some day. Nice art & seiyuu though!
2021-06-198Susanghan MessengerGreat characters and witty dialogue, some inconsistencies between the routes aside, I get why it's so popular, the entire production itself is amazing. Worth my panda eyes ●ω●
2021-06-118Eden-ui NeomeoPremise is great, I only have played this for like an hour so.....
2021-06-117.8Tokyo OnmyoujiVery unique in terms of plot & mc imo. Not that attached to most the LIs though, Meguro is bae
2021-06-049Fate/Hollow AtaraxiaThis mystery/SoL hybrid thingy is the best sequel fsn could ever get
2021-05-278Sekai Metsubou Kyouyuu Gensou "Mamiya" SeriesSo far rlly like the prologue, the mystery building to the eponymous Mamiya is very intriguing
2021-05-096Emily Is Away
2021-05-097.5Coffee Talk
2021-05-097.8Uuultra CBased on Shoutarou and Shirou's chapters. Great presentation & art, colorful casts, but 1st chapter pacing is all over the place that I have a lot of troubles making sense of what happened.
2021-05-096.5Dance with DevilsBased on the anime, i will.play the game for lindo, one day
2021-05-097Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd KissLet me travel back in time to stat raise myself....