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t10302.5422023-01-24Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink link same high and low scores on the same stuff, i suspect duplicate accounts
t10302.4862022-07-27Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink link Duplicate account. Both created the same day, rating MLA a 10 and down voting the same 3 popular VN's
t10302.4582022-04-19Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadDuplicate accounts link link Almost identical name, identical scores, created consecutively. It's as obvious as can be.
t10302.4502022-04-06Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink link link link link link link link link link link link link Accounts created consecutively on the same day, upvoting the same 10 VNs, all have
t10302.4462022-04-01Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Rates 5 on everything they add to their wishlist.
t10302.4302022-03-18Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink link link Same VN's, same scores, accounts created consecutively on the same day.
t10302.4122022-02-14Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Somebody's been trying REALLY hard to inflate Sakura Moyu's score. More than 30 accounts, with similar naming schemes, created in the last three
t10302.3962022-01-15Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadThis person really dislikes fata morgana and umineko, it seems. One profile created yesterday, the other one today. link link Unrelated to the
t10302.3592021-12-10Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink link link Three profiles created within the span of 3 days. Scores and entries are almost identical. All three voted on the same obscure âge VN
w3083.12021-11-03Summer PocketsYou just perfectly summarized my thoughts on this VN! The "feels" felt too artificial and cheap. It's like seeing a puppy cry on the rain while sad
t10302.3272021-10-06Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread@322 You voted on the most mid Key game on the same day you created your account and gave it a 10, therefore your vote is suspicious <.< jk lol~ even
t10302.3022021-08-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadYes, sorry for not clarifying. It's because they have it on wishlist. It may be they forgot to change the label but I find it weird that they have
t10302.2992021-08-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Voted 10 on Muramasa even though they apparently haven't read it. The fact that they also gave MLA a 1 makes it more suspicious to me
t10302.2632021-08-07Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadCould these two be the same person? link link I'm interested in Oretsuba, so I was looking at the scores and it surprised me to see two identical
t10302.2612021-08-04Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink link Very similar scores and entries, both accounts created in the span of 2 days, both gave 9-nine a similar low vote despite not reading the