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t950.11372022-01-25VNDB Suggestions!@lieca just a question... how will the compilation be shown to users when every release inside it has it's own release page? currently when you click
t950.11342022-01-24VNDB Suggestions!#1132 +1 I even made two other labels beside it to split them into whether i have the original language release or the translated release or apply
t8242.9182022-01-15The how to edit threadshould protagonist/heroine gender tags on a game be what they actually are (story-wise) or to what they currently are in the game? sexual tags as
t13365.822022-01-13Happy New Lists!is it possible to add an entry to ulist that is a list of release id + user option for each vn in the ulist? right now there's no way to get a list
t8242.9172022-01-10The how to edit threadI honestly feel the same... but the point is any such detail must be added somewhere since it gets confusing specially that we use characters for
t8242.9152022-01-10The how to edit threadI'd say that's the shortcoming of not cloning/duplicating characters for every single vn What would you do if there is a game with a sequel where the
t8242.9072022-01-10The how to edit threadmy bad... it seems to be エッチ... I just saw エ and H and made the 90 degree connection ._. now I feel bad for not reading the full name anyways
t8242.9042022-01-10The how to edit threadhow do we handle エ in JP vn titles when it means H? do we leave it as is or replace it with an H? also about the romaji of such titles in both cases
t17596.122022-01-05Not Enough Animationwhat I meant was something like this link (youtube link) I haven't played that release myself for obvious reasons but I remember coming across such
t17592.42022-01-05Regarding v23190.17I'll go ahead and revert my edits and fix the ones that were wrong from the start then... one thing we all agree on is consistency at the very least
t17596.92022-01-05Not Enough AnimationConsidering that cutscenes must break the continuity of the game to be considered cutsenes how would Phantom of Inferno's dvd release be categorized
t17591.42022-01-05global notification setting for all novels in listIt's mainly for new releases on any novel in my list and edits to new novel entries to be up to date with anything that can be important. so I don't
t17592.22022-01-05Regarding v23190.17looking through some stuff again, it seems Frontwing isn't consistent with it at all. link link link but the translated name always has the colon so
t17592.12022-01-05Regarding v23190.17does this mean all entries and romanizations should be edited? I'll take care of that too
t17591.12022-01-05global notification setting for all novels in listjust like the global notification setting for edits to contributed entries what about another one for all novels in your list? and also have
t8242.8232021-10-25The how to edit threadit is butterfly but I didn't find it in the tags so I took the closest which is standing... if we're looking for a tag tho
t8242.8192021-10-25The how to edit thread#818 standing link #806 I don't know much about infinity's situation but if it was made to be merged then sure... just add it as a partial release
t8242.8042021-10-22The how to edit threadas for t8242.799... I'd say that's just bloating the database with bare entries that no one cares about... if you really want to add all of that then
t8242.8012021-10-22The how to edit threadfollowing Never7 discussion... I honestly think infinity should be restored... my point is: games that are made as completely separate and later
t8242.7812021-10-16The how to edit threadI think it's just that you can't not list a character under a game it appears in just because it appeared in another... but they most likely can be
t17129.22021-10-09Regarding v11142.11the phrase actually sums up the situation after he wakes up and settles in... since the only reason he's on the island is because he fell and the
t17121.12021-10-03Regarding r2692.11why AI5X? wasn't the engine name AI5? at least the other games are listed as AI5 just wanted to confirm before editing it since it's old PC98 stuff
t17113.32021-10-03add engine column when searching by release?This might be a better idea... since cover images for releases are on the wishlist, it would integrate well with the card and grid views already
t17113.12021-10-02add engine column when searching by release?the releases search is kinda empty on the right. adding an engine column there should make it easier to know the engine instead of going into each
t13885.62021-05-04Any chances of a compilation?Ha! The compilation was finished in exactly a year ._.
t15650.92021-03-20Why are remakes often not added as new VNs?I agree with beliar... for yu-no the only difference is cut sex scenes but that's literally it... it's the same exact game minus the sex CGs as for
t15429.32021-03-20We sure do a bad job promoting poster girl VNwe sure don't... d6#7
t15289.102021-03-20What visual novel is this from?#7 considering that most VNs are either 4:3 or 16:9 there is no way a portrait image can actually be from a VN
t15708.52021-03-19the link to steam fan 18+ patch is dead, any alts?#4 that is correct... but I presume some files were not included because they weren't changed in the all ages version?
t15708.32021-03-19the link to steam fan 18+ patch is dead, any alts?#2 actually there is a +18 restoration patch r45153 but it's a port of the +18 version that replaced the needed files of the all ages version with