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w2282.42021-08-13Making * Lovers#3 Well, I do admit some stuff are repetitive(in all routes actually. still enjoyable tho) Anyway, who do you think is the best heroine then?
w2282.12021-08-13Making * LoversLol are you referring to Karen? I love her route but since I played it first, I felt bored on playing the other routes.
w2410.12021-07-24Princess EvangilePrincess Evangile is a Visual Novel with some flaws so I won't give it a 10 but other than that, I agree with everything you said on your review
t16660.42021-07-23Rating SystemAs a girl, I only cum through my heart because of the wholesomeness. Does that count too?
t16660.32021-07-23Rating SystemOh god...
t16660.12021-07-22Rating SystemHello. I randomly stumbled upon your account while I was pondering whether I should read "Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou." Your review intrigued me so I