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t19384.12022-11-17h-code?Anyone know the hook code for this game? I tried /HW-1C@CC4F:AdvHD.exe but it doesn't seem to work. my ITH isn't picking it up
t19114.52022-09-30NtrWhat kind of "power"? Is it the power of saimin
t19114.32022-09-30NtrDoes this mark the end of the long running Kyonyuu Saimin series
t17651.12022-01-15H-CodeAnyone got the H-Code for this title? The one floating on the internet doesn't seem to work /HB-4*@109680:salon.exe Tried various extractor, ITH
t17267.62021-10-31H-Code?thanks! that one works better than having to switch between 2 threads
t15464.132021-06-05Kyonyuu Fantasy seriesAfter finishing the KF4 harem route it seems that KF3if is the canon here, while the KF3 is alternative story. I don't want to spoil, but I really
t16124.32021-05-30Please need hook code!Found it on VN hooking fandom /HB-4*0@10C2CA:Kyonyu4.exe
t16091.22021-05-28hook code for trial versionseems like you can also use the trial .exe to the main game. Anyone know the hook code for the game? Thanks!
t16091.12021-05-22hook code for trial versionAnyone know the hook code for the trial version? At first few lines my ITH picked it up correctly, then after that it's starting to pick only several
t14945.122021-05-18Mangagamer skip the first part?#11 yes what I mean is KF3 rags to riches is from 0 to 100, while KF3if is like 50 to 150. If you know what I mean.
t14945.102021-05-08Mangagamer skip the first part?I've read the KF3 and now in the middle of KF3if, seems like KF3if is not a mere reboot, but a complete rehash/alternate version. iirc in KF3 the
t13829.62021-04-09What happened?it's just got released
t15645.62021-03-31Mind controlThe main protagonist dude get hypnotized by his female teacher Saimin Kyoushitsu Kanojo-tachi no Taboo The main protagonist is overworked salaryman
t15774.12021-03-30Who's the protagonist of this VN?The protagonist seems to have lost his memory, and this VN retells previous 3 titles link link link My japanese isn't good and still hazy. So in
t15757.12021-03-26hook codeAnyone have the hook code for the release version of this game? Thanks