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t17214.52021-10-20VNs with the best comedic elements@4 Well, I've played my share of Alice Soft games and their comedy was kind of meh to me personally. It's more silly than funny.
t17214.32021-10-20VNs with the best comedic elements@2 Okay, it's description starts rather dark for a light-hearted comedy VN. xD "Riku and his childhood friend Misora loved each other, but she
t17214.12021-10-20VNs with the best comedic elementsSo, which VNs have the best comedy aspect in your opinion, guys? Games from Key like Little Busters and Rewrite have some comedy-gold bits, the same
t17211.22021-10-20Your opinions on the plot's execution?I felt that the final route lacked something. After the awesome Makoto ending with the "title drop" that made me feel chills and the superior romance
t17191.72021-10-16Any other games with "double language" option?@2 Thanks, I didn't know about NekoPara and Maitetsu having this function. As for the "switching on the fly" option, it's not really useful. @3
t17191.12021-10-15Any other games with "double language" option?So, are there any other games where both Japanese and English can be turned on to be displayed at the same time? It's a really convenient option for
w2958.32021-10-13Once in a LifetimeThose are just custom-made models from Honey Select.
w2958.12021-10-13Once in a LifetimeAnime-ish is miles ahead of "pseudo-realistic uncanny valley 3D" like in most porn OELVNs.
t15963.122021-10-12Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experienceWhat the actual F? I read the all-ages version of the game about eight years ago, and I can't remember anything in Komari's route that could possibly
t14347.72021-10-05Favorite route?Lol, the discrepancy between the comments and the actual votes is big in this one. Rein wins with Uguise being close second, and Touka completely
w2915.12021-10-05Soukou Akki MuramasaTen is the most popular vote for this game by a large margin, so the target audience of Muramasa isn't that specific at all. It's just that someone
t16935.132021-10-04PC release?Koreans already translated the game to their language, mad lads. Though I'm not sure about the quality. Anyway, there's not really much of a point in
t16794.692021-10-04WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@65 Just mathematically for most people overall rating is the only thing that matters. Even the so-called critics often have completely opposite
t16794.632021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@62 I can agree with you, in some sense, Bible is the most successful because not only it's the most sold, but it managed to make people believe that
t16794.602021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@59 Not really. LitFic still can make readers experience various emotions and make them satisfied with the overall experience. For example, Nabokov
t16794.582021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@57 There's nothing objective in writing for entertainment purposes other than, (can you guess it?) the satisfaction of the potential readers. It's
t16794.562021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@55 Lol, do you realize that "user enjoyment" is the purpose of any work of fiction? Also, game critics, book critics, and movie critics in general
w2312.32021-10-03Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou@2 Well, that's too bad, based on screens it looks similar to Sengoku Rance which is one of my favorite TRPGs.
t16794.542021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@52 I think I already mentioned it before. "Solds very well" is one thing, "rated very high" is completely another. This game in particular isn't
w2312.12021-10-03Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Souten no HaouYou didn't mention gameplay. How much of a game consists of the gameplay elements and are they any good?
t16794.522021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@49 Why would you assume that the world in which people end up being transported after they touch the Sekimeiya in the world A is going to be called
t16794.482021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@47 It's just some silly nitpicking at this point, dude. Things are relative, but the game asks you a question after establishing that the "seven
t16794.452021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@44 Of course we, players, knew that Atsuki couldn't have the keys or being switched, but Shiroya didn't know it. She's already seen Sai disappearing
t16794.432021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@39 There were a bunch of ways Atsuki would leave the attic—Shiroya couldn't know if he had a key copy on him, if he had another Sekimeiya or if for
t16794.382021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@36 Those games don't connect to each other at all. If you disliked the puzzles in 999 then the Sekimeiya would make your head boil, it's for people
w1982.12021-10-02The Sekimeiya: Spun GlassI'm not sure how your review resulted in a 3/10 rating, lol. How good are characters is really subjective thing. The "problem with characters" in
t16794.352021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@31 It's about ten times more complex than Ever 17, Remember11, and Steins;Gate combined. If you like sci-fi and time travel then, of course, it's
t16794.302021-10-01WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@29 Sorry, but I'm not sure how you can be to be unable to understand the final part of S;G, everything was perfectly clear to me even when I've
t15752.82021-10-01So this was confirmed to be a reboot?@6 So why is the original MB still here? Or things like Fate Extella?
t17103.122021-09-30Who are the smartest VN protagonists?@7 Yakusoku no Neverland is a mystery, btw. Code Geass to some extent, too. @8 You are missing some simple facts—if Haru loved him, then why she
t17103.62021-09-30Who are the smartest VN protagonists?@4 Why did you remind everyone how shit was the G-String's ending? If Haru confessed her crime she would get a much lesser sentence, a couple of
t17103.32021-09-30Who are the smartest VN protagonists?Unless a story is a detective/mystery having a really smart protagonist isn't really that useful as he won't have much of a chance to "show off" how
w2896.12021-09-30Doki Doki Literature Club!I'm not a super fan of Doki-Doki, but first of all, you should either hide spoilers in your review or mark the entire review as a spoiler. The latter
t16794.282021-09-30WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?I'm halfway through the game and it's really a masterpiece without a question. As long as the mysteries are properly explained without obvious
w2880.112021-09-28Soukou Akki Muramasa@9 Lol dude. Muramasa more or less follows the same path as Berserk. You just randomly call shows you like "dark" and shows you dislike "edgy" for no
w2880.82021-09-27Soukou Akki Muramasa@4 A person quoting Marvel has no right to claim that "someone sounds like a 12-year-old". Even Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, and MHA are more mature than any
w2880.32021-09-26Soukou Akki MuramasaThere's a reason why most people love it and why this story is so highly rated. The hero's journey formula isn't necessary to tell a good story in
w2878.32021-09-25Soukou Akki Muramasa@2 I think it's not the problem with the ending itself, but with the unsolved plot threads and I agree with you on that. I also was put off by this
w2878.12021-09-25Soukou Akki MuramasaI'm not sure why you complain about the true ending in particular. Because the story has a few hours long "epilogue"/"pseudo-happy end", which is
w2854.12021-09-21Muv-Luv AlternativeIDK, man. The beginning was one of my favorite parts—it's just satisfying to see him return to the start after Unlimited. Honestly, I think the story
w2262.122021-09-21Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai@10 Everything is alright with the tag. It's a story about Pure Love, not a "Pure Story of Love and nothing else". The word "pure" is about love, not
w2839.82021-09-18Kyonyuu FantasySo it does have proper routes instead of just short endings for each of the heroines? You haven't mentioned the harem ending which is supposed to be
w2836.82021-09-17Soukou Akki Muramasa@7 Lol, dude. You need to get your facts straight. Slave labor is actively used EVEN NOW, yeah you heard it, IT'S STILL USED because it's cheap. For
w2836.22021-09-16Soukou Akki MuramasaBruh, the novel highest rated by you is some no-name 2200th place in the overall rating. It's as if you determine your scores by randomization. You
t17007.32021-09-14is this netori or netorare?How about checking tags?
w1944.162021-09-14Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~I know nothing about philosophy but it didn't stop me from enjoying the story. I guarantee you that the vast majority of those who voted 10 for
t16983.152021-09-11NTR?@14 Aaaand? Having sex and romancing someone isn't the same thing. Most guys don't care about the sexual past of their hookup, but do care if it's
w1208.12021-09-10What's Mine Is Yours: Season 1"That said, Logan does come across as an asshole sometimes. For one, he privately thinks that cucks are even beneath furies on the totem pole
t16983.62021-09-10NTR?@4 From what I see in the character traits all main heroines are virgins, so where exactly does it "make fun of virgin lovers"? It's way easier to
w2733.112021-09-04Soukou Akki Muramasa@8 I don't need to read through his whole review when he states his main complaint at the beginning "The premise is interesting, but the writer's