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v27610.162021-07-30 at 21:04brimbelAugma II Arc IUpdated screenshots
r65633.32021-07-28 at 23:46brimbelHITMELink corrected to the proper 2019 version
p11712.22021-07-28 at 22:47brimbelDenpa DevAdded relation, source link
r58607.82021-07-23 at 04:55brimbelAsterism - DemoDoes in fact have Mac and Linux versions, and runs on Ren'Py
r65417.52021-07-23 at 04:55brimbelAsterismItch page has links to Mac and Linux versions, and also says it runs on Ren'py link
r62130.32021-07-22 at 05:23brimbelOchiba - Falling Leaves - link added for posterity. Doesn't actually have any downloads.
r62130.22021-07-22 at 05:16brimbelOchiba - Falling Leaves - DemoSite seems to be down so Notes updated with a GD link which comes from the kickstarter page. link
v31660.22021-07-18 at 21:53brimbelMegalithOpted to make the original language to be Russian as that's the default language upon opening the VN, even if its page is in English
r81385.12021-07-18 at 21:40brimbelMegalithAdded release
v31660.12021-07-18 at 21:38brimbelMegalithAdded VN