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t1052.3042021-09-13Quotes question...From link "This is the delusion you wished for." "It wasn't anything simple like hypnosis or super speed. I experienced a part of something much
w2526.62021-08-09Chaos;HeadLiterally the additional side content of NoAH (aka the character routes) doesn't even unlock until after common route is finished (aka the
w2526.42021-08-08Chaos;HeadI disagree entirely, NoAH is a fantastic addition to C;H and completes the story beautifully.
w2526.12021-08-05Chaos;HeadGlad to hear you enjoyed Chaos;Head! Would you happen to have a Discord, I could help you get the other Science Adventure series entries set up with
w2340.12021-07-03Chaos;ChildI said this before on your discord channel, but fantastic in depth review! You put a lot of effort into this and it shows, you pretty much hit the
w1552.32021-05-14Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-Niiiiice, glad to hear Phantom! If you want, when you do start I could help you read the supplemental SciADV side material that gets paired with the
w1552.12021-05-12Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-Very well done review! Summarizes my own thoughts on the games very well also, I recently finished yesterday and am using the TIPS + some other in