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t8324.12016-10-02Hooking the game?Anyone got this text hooked properly. I've been trying with ITHVNR and it's not doing well. I get the text but lines/words are repeated. Any help to
t1168.372015-06-07Translation on the wayAnyone played Sasara route yet and finished it without serious problems on Win 8.1? Mine keeps crashing on 3/25, even without the patch. Not sure if
t4066.12013-05-09AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!I just found this... link Either the news of this happening slip my radar or this was just announced because I never heard this was happening. I
t2870.12012-06-29About the original and what's new with HQ?I have no idea if what I read is true, but is School Days really have nothing but bad endings? Whatever route you pick or girl focus on someone
t2719.62012-05-24Any guide out there for the sequel?I have to agree that this is pretty much a sequel. Almost all the routes are direct continuation from the first one. With the exception of Kirino's
t2719.12012-05-19Any guide out there for the sequel?Anything out yet? Japanese one would do.
t2461.22012-03-23CommentsGuess I'll indulge myself on the after stories for now. :D
t2452.12012-02-26Any guide out there?I seriously need one because I can't read the choices at all. Anyone has a link for one, a Japanese one will do too.
t1389.52011-09-14Noble WorksWHERE IS MY MAKOTO ROUTE?! orz
t1978.42011-08-06SHIZURU IS THE BEST!Haha.. well, I just loved Shizuru's route for its emotional impact rather than the more technical point of view of the story. I just love so much how
t1978.12011-08-05SHIZURU IS THE BEST!Shizuru Route is the best Route! Well... just finished all the other routes besides MOON and Terra and I gotta say that... SHIZURU>ALL Now playing
t1084.12011-01-03At the end Nemu... (SPOILER ALERT!!!)so... at the end after the wedding, They met Nemu on a wheelchair pushed by Sakura... wtf? Did she actually not die and was hiding somewhere? or is