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t16283.62021-06-20Ooparts releasesWell, yeah, but I thought that maybe the admins had an interface to do a mass release addition far more easily than us mortals with our manual hands.
t16283.42021-06-20Ooparts releasesHuh. I've checked a bunch myself and saw no mention of those releases even for the most popular titles (e.g. School Days, Symphonic Rain, Okujou no
t16283.12021-06-20Ooparts releasesToday I found this site - link . It's a (legal) subscription service that allows playing a bunch of VNs (147 of them, to be precise) online (JP only
t15941.142021-05-16Animation runs at light speed, what do?Default everything, speed at maybe 30%. I've also had to rename all folders in the path and the filename to not include any jp characters, since
t15941.102021-05-16Animation runs at light speed, what do?I haven't read Shizuku. The thing that stuck out to me the most is that almost every scene is going to take some amount of information it wants to
t15941.82021-05-16Animation runs at light speed, what do?@kiru Holy shit, you weren't kidding about the writing quality. Bleh.
t15941.72021-04-29Animation runs at light speed, what do?Yep, I did. I wouldn't have been asking for help without trying the obvious outs first. :) I got the same result, needless to say.
t15941.52021-04-28Animation runs at light speed, what do?@bcirno Didn't work - the game simply ignores the speed I set through speedhack. @empoleon434 Ragud Mezegis worked, thanks. ...except since the game
t15941.12021-04-28Animation runs at light speed, what do?For some reason after working correctly for a few minutes after first starting the game all animations (so the background animation in the very first