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t15979.72022-06-29Can someone tell me how this game is?Since we're here... which end is the true end?
t18502.32022-06-02Which end is the true end?#2 well that sucks, Izumi is pretty toxic.
t18502.12022-06-02Which end is the true end?Confused on which end is considered the canon end, or is a multiple end story?
w1944.132021-07-23Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~#12 your first mistake was asking a question on reddit and this is an elitist vn anyway.
t15979.12021-05-03Can someone tell me how this game is?There is hardly anything about this game online, no plot summary, no translations, no downloads. Has anyone completed this VN?
t15963.12021-05-01Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experienceSo many threads about h scenes, while the scenes are probably the cringiest of all VNs, the most out of character sex scenes ever. Riki out of all