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c10203.422021-10-19 at 14:14ezezinFujisaki ChihiroRemoved 3 traits, added one trait. link : Has the same color as Aurica Nestmile
c47555.42021-10-19 at 14:11ezezinAlter EgoTrait description: "Death is the termination of the biological functions that sustain a living organism." Added 13 traits.
r83956.12021-10-19 at 06:52ezezinCampfire TalesAdded release for v32553.
p12536.12021-10-19 at 06:52ezezinWindySilverAdded producer.
v32553.12021-10-19 at 06:48ezezinCampfire TalesAdded visual novel. Sources: Itch.io and Game Jam
s24841.12021-10-19 at 06:46ezezinN. WS. JokelaAdded staff.
s24840.12021-10-19 at 06:45ezezinNofuuAdded staff.
r83925.22021-10-19 at 05:20ezezinMystery MiniaturistChanged voices.
c100595.32021-10-18 at 05:09ezezinYouAdded image and a trait.
c100595.22021-10-18 at 05:08ezezinYouAdded 4 traits.
v32543.32021-10-17 at 10:25ezezinMystery MiniaturistAdded cast.
c100595.12021-10-17 at 10:24ezezinYouAdded initial character entry.
v32543.22021-10-17 at 10:12ezezinMystery MiniaturistNo need for all that in staff notes.
s24279.42021-10-17 at 10:11ezezinFaefield ProductionsEdited description.
r83925.12021-10-17 at 10:07ezezinMystery MiniaturistAdded release for v32543.
v32543.12021-10-17 at 10:00ezezinMystery MiniaturistAdded visual novel. Sources: Game Jam and Itch.io.
s24833.12021-10-17 at 09:53ezezinMibi MathewAdded staff.
s24832.22021-10-17 at 09:36ezezinScreaming Brain StudiosAdded link.
s24832.12021-10-17 at 09:32ezezinScreaming Brain StudiosAdded staff.
s24831.12021-10-17 at 09:17ezezinJP CumminsAdded staff.
s16625.42021-10-17 at 08:54ezezinJasmine OslerFound a name (Source: link).
c100590.12021-10-17 at 07:04ezezinMedusaAdded character from v32542.
c100585.32021-10-17 at 06:46ezezinLilithTypo.
c100589.22021-10-17 at 06:44ezezinPeterAdded a trait.
c100589.12021-10-17 at 06:44ezezinPeterAdded character from v32542.
c100585.22021-10-17 at 06:41ezezinLilithAdded a trait.
c100585.12021-10-17 at 06:26ezezinLilithAdded character from v32542.
v32542.32021-10-17 at 05:37ezezinMedusa VNEdited description.
r83909.22021-10-17 at 05:00ezezinMedusa VNAdded resolution and notes.
v32542.22021-10-17 at 04:52ezezinMedusa VNRemoved Wikidata and added screenshots.
r83909.12021-10-17 at 04:42ezezinMedusa VNAdded release for v32542.
p12527.12021-10-17 at 04:40ezezinPrincessChooChooAdded developer.
v32542.12021-10-17 at 04:36ezezinMedusa VNAdded kinetic novel. Sources: Itch.io and [url=Wasurekaketa Kokoro no Kakera]Game Jam[/url]
s24828.12021-10-17 at 04:35ezezinDragons but also RabbitsAdded staff.
s24827.12021-10-17 at 04:33ezezinPrincessChooChooAdded staff.
c100578.12021-10-16 at 03:07ezezinDreamAdded character from v32528.
v32528.22021-10-15 at 10:04ezezinA Short StoryAdded screenshots.
r83870.12021-10-15 at 09:33ezezinA Short StoryAdded release for v32528.
p12522.12021-10-15 at 09:33ezezinTerryAdded producer.
v32528.12021-10-15 at 09:29ezezinA Short StoryAdded visual novel. Sources: Game Jam and Itch.io.
s24817.12021-10-15 at 09:25ezezinTerryAdded staff.
v31463.132021-10-14 at 04:13ezezinAnise FlowersReverted to revision v31463.10 *sight* Fan-art... again
v32267.102021-10-14 at 04:12ezezinYoru no Rojiura AnnaiReverted to revision v32267.8 Seriously, stop. People already told you how to upload screenshots and images several times.
v32267.82021-10-14 at 04:09ezezinYoru no Rojiura AnnaiReverted to revision v32267.6 Please, stop uploading fan-arts as covers.
v31463.102021-10-14 at 04:07ezezinAnise FlowersReverted to revision v31463.7 Fan-art.
c100557.32021-10-13 at 22:14ezezinVampireAdded a trait.
c100554.42021-10-13 at 22:14ezezinHunterAdded a trait.
c100557.22021-10-13 at 20:32ezezinVampireAdded a trait.
c100554.32021-10-13 at 20:29ezezinHunterAdded a trait.
c100557.12021-10-13 at 20:28ezezinVampireAdded character from v32508.