Length votes by ezezin

2021-10-18Mystery Miniaturist10mNormalr83925Read every choice option and didn't skip a single line.
2021-10-17Medusa VN9mNormalr83909
2021-10-15A Short Story7mNormalr83870
2021-10-13Vampire†Hunter11mNormalr83806Read every dialogue option and all 5 endings.
2021-10-11The 13th Hour7mNormalr83780
2021-10-11The Girl I Met at the End of the World9mNormalr83757
2021-10-10Cubed Heist6mNormalr83695
2021-10-08Slave Lord5h30mNormalr78429Estimated play time. Watched every event and sex scenes. Second playthrough.
2021-10-08Promenade (n.) - An Afternoon Walk in a Park -9mNormalr83680
2021-10-07Pandora8mNormalr83649Finished both endings.
2021-10-05Persimmon Bloom8mNormalr83631Read every choice and ending.
2021-10-011room -Iede Shoujo-11h42mSlowr78300100% completed without a guide including all game overs. Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-10-01A Steamy Conversation9mNormalr83464
2021-09-29A Divine Wager8mNormalr81922Read every choice and both endings.
2021-09-29Intimations of Immortality11mNormalr83454Read every choice option.
2021-09-29Chains of Love7mNormalr83428
2021-09-28Tech and Blood9mNormalr83378
2021-09-27Gimai - Hitomi16h45mSlowr65Read every choice and all 8 endings. Measured with Gameplay Time tracker.
2021-09-25Bullet Call14mNormalr82389Read every line and went for every game over and all endings. Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-21Yesterday, the World Ended8mNormalr83158
2021-09-21Capturando el Momento52mNormalr83152Saw every game over, bad endings and every dialogue choices. Used Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-20Elegy for a Songbird13mNormalr83133
2021-09-19Who Will Save The Hero?7mNormalr83123
2021-09-19Poopinteetha's Domain22mNormalr83098All 3 endings and dialogue options.
2021-09-19Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen66h32mSlowr47405,r51735100% everything, including extras and minigames. Used Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-16Shattered - Why Not Me49mFastr82770Only one playthrough. I didn't read every dialogue option. Used Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-16Kagikko L-only2h16mNormalr73177Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-13Mahou Shoujo Project32mSlowr82917It took me a few tries to defeat the only boss in the game.
2021-09-09Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei40h31mNormalr46349,r47406Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker without the unlockable post game mode.
2021-09-05The Distorted Case of Magical Girl Akane17mNormalr82695I will update the vote when the complete version is released (probably never).
2021-09-03Dragon Gazer6mNormalr82634
2021-09-03I Hope This Letter Finds You8mNormalr82630
2021-09-02The Penitent8mNormalr82623
2021-09-02Farewell to the Universe7mNormalr82605
2021-09-02Magical Meow-Meow Warrior?!17mSlowr82599All 3 endings, in English. Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-01The Demon Lord is Mine!11mNormalr82595Read every dialogue choices and bad endings; didn't skip a single line of voice. Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-09-01Lost Dreams5mNormalr81291Read every possible choice.
2021-09-01Hinori5mNormalr82580Read every possible choice.
2021-08-31I'll Come See You6mNormalr82576
2021-08-31Unicorn Shake9mNormalr82572Read every ending and dialogue choices without skipping voiced lines. Total: 3 bad endings, one neutral ending and one true ending.
2021-08-30Dear Genny6mNormalr82538
2021-08-30Thursday Laundry6mNormalr81911
2021-08-29A Pet Shop After Dark43mSlowr75706Completed without a guide, but it took me a little time to figure how to finish the game. Measured with Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-08-28G-senjou no Maou51h38mSlowr530,r3726Tried to get Tsubaki bad and good ending without a guide. Since it took me around 2 hours of trial and error to get the correct choices, I started using a guide for the other routes. Measured with Gameplay Time tracker. Read every choices, bad and good endings and didn't skip a single line of dialogue.
2021-08-27Prototype Mint B8mNormalr82470
2021-08-27(In)finite Girl9mNormalr82445
2021-08-21Medusa's Mini Mystery: Do or Donut!13mNormalr81589Read every dialogue option and saw every "main endings" (4) and variations (4). Used Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-08-20To Mari, From the Deep8mNormalr82265Read every ending and possible choices. Used Gameplay Time Tracker.
2021-08-19Amayakase Kanojo no Iru Seikatsu -Ichizu na Ginpatsu Bishoujo wa Suki Desu ka?-3h2mSlowr70788Used auto play from the beginning to the end. Play time according to Gameplay Time Tracker.