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t17198.22021-10-17possibility to filter mobile visual novelsFree visual novels released on Android/IOS (It can have some sort of microtransaction in them): link "to explore places within the game to find out
t3314.26622021-10-17TraitsOff-Screen Rape could also be a child trait of Off Screen Sex if it becomes accepted and have "Off Screen Rape" as an alias. @historyeraser, would
t16991.572021-10-12Voicing: A ProposalAfter thinking (a lot) about Eacil's proposal and reading what Beliar said in #56, I'm fine with it too as long as this is available in some way:"spoi
t16991.552021-10-12Voicing: A ProposalJust a thing to think about before I go to sleep. Remember that there are characters with Unknown Gender Protagonist or characters whose gender is a
t16991.532021-10-12Voicing: A ProposalFrom my limited understanding on pseudo-code: `CharacterGroup = Unknown | NotAvailable | Unvoiced | FullyVoiced | PartiallyVoiced PartiallyVoiced
t3617.26572021-10-12Tags suggestions/fixesInterracial Romance used with Non-human characters: link Interracial Romance used with Dark Skinned characters: link That tag was used as inter
t17168.22021-10-10Cannot play the game.. Can anyone help?I can give you two possible solutions: "you can't save data because write permission is not owned by your account."It's possible you installed the
t17161.52021-10-10About r78246.6It does have some uninterrupted narration and dialogue portions here an there but it's minimal; it only happens at 4 portions of the game (and two of
t2108.41072021-10-10Candidates for deletionI found a Spanish streaming of that game (Youtube). According to that Youtuber and gameplay, it seems to be a freemium automatic RPG game with gacha
t17161.32021-10-09About r78246.6ehhhhh... I'm sorry then. I tried to update information about Pink Tea Games games, but between removed Newgrounds games, removed Patreon posts and
t950.10372021-10-09VNDB Suggestions!About this:"It would be cool to add images to the staff's entries"I disagree, we already put in one staff all aliases that he/she were credited in
t17161.12021-10-09About r78246.6I though we had paid and free releases separated. Is those versions are merged, how we should treat the new entry: non-free or freeware?
t3314.26602021-10-09TraitsIs there any difference between Cock and Ball Torture Devices and Cock and Ball Torture? Both descriptions are mostly the same.
t10302.3362021-10-08Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI found an old thread talking about those votes (t11176).
t3617.26512021-10-07Tags suggestions/fixesA similar tag was proposed in 2014 called Non-Human Romance, but was denied. I guess you can use Interracial Romance + Monster Heroine/Monster Girl
t8242.7752021-10-06The how to edit threadThis is the Kemonomimi tag and this is the Kemonomimi trait. If I understood you correctly, you say to create the Kemonomimi Heroine and Kemonomimi
t8242.7732021-10-06The how to edit threadI though the same thing, but we don't have traits like Inumimi Heroine, Kitsune Heroine, Nekomimi Heroine... to differentiate between them. If the Mam
t8242.7712021-10-06The how to edit threadShould a character have one of the Mammal traits if they are a Kemonomimi?
t17124.102021-10-06How to exclude games with bad protagonists ?#7 Do you mean Stutter?
t2108.40842021-10-05Candidates for deletionI had some network issues and clicked the submit button twice, thinking the first time didn't work, creating 2 entries of the same VN and staff: Persi
t3617.26462021-10-03Tags suggestions/fixesI think that Gang could be a parent tag for Gangster Hero, Gangster Heroine and Gangster Protagonist.
t2520.6062021-10-03Minor error/sI can't set a Pixiv ID with more than 7 numbers; if I try to do it, this message appears: "Server error 500, please try again later or report an
t17105.342021-09-30Fourteen 🎉Happy birthday VNDB!! Just 4 more years until we can lewd the website. This reminds me, How a website that focus on VN content survived 14 years
t8242.7672021-09-30The how to edit threadHow do I add a Play-asia link as external website? Are they automatically fetched from somewhere?
t17097.52021-09-29Eroge with best ero animationWell, there is a discussion going on about it (Animation: A Proposal), we only need to wait on Beliar and Eacil agreeing in how looping animation
t3617.26442021-09-28Tags suggestions/fixesWouldn't that tag be better placed in Misc. Character Tags instead of Character Skin Colors? Since it includes nationality in its description, it is
t1052.3062021-09-28Quotes question...Dai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken- (Image) "Tea! Someone bring English tea! In England, no discussions take place without tea!" Gim
t3617.26362021-09-27Tags suggestions/fixesWell, if you think about it, that tag proposal was prone to appear sooner or later. I should add, that's quite a controversial tag in some websites
t16987.402021-09-22Animation: A ProposalIf it helps, 19 Line has some clear loop and non-loop animations if you want to see it. It's a western visual novel made for a game jam; it's fully
t16991.502021-09-22Voicing: A ProposalJust to be sure, are those mobs the "make an appearance" characters?
t16987.352021-09-22Animation: A Proposal"At this point it seems we are digging for earthworms in our asses" Edited to reflect that. "Where the hell looping/non-looping disappeared to?" I
t16987.332021-09-22Animation: A ProposalI don't know if Eacil will like this but using #24 as a base and if I'm not mistaking anything on what was said, i think we can do some drop-down
t16991.462021-09-22Voicing: A ProposalA bit late, but if Yorhel doesn't mind the extra work, what I said in #44 could be modified to be more aesthetically appealing. 1. We could choose
t16987.312021-09-22Animation: A Proposal"For a scene to count as "ero", I'd say it must describe people playing with each others genitals with accompanied graphics." So, for example, in The
t3617.26322021-09-22Tags suggestions/fixesFictional Island Near Future Japan doesn't have description and should be a child tag of Near Future and Earth instead of Future and Future Earth.
t17051.42021-09-22Recommending function#3 Or in my case it doesn't recommend Spanish/Portuguese translations/releases; only English. Also it still uses the old play time system instead of
t16991.442021-09-19Voicing: A ProposalUsing the protagonist example Beliar posted, since Yorhel doesn't like selection boxes very much, It could be implemented as a drop-down list
t16991.392021-09-19Voicing: A ProposalDo we really need to clarify every possible scenario for voice acting? Personally, I feel that releases should have just enough information for the
t16054.1482021-09-13Reporting MTL releasesThe English translation of r82923 is a MTL. Source: link
t2108.40062021-09-08Candidates for deletionActually... link In other words Joseph Ravan founded Pixel Happy Games. All releases under that developer were changed to the new one.
t2108.40012021-09-06Candidates for deletionr79418 and r79492. Nothing in the translator Facebook page or any mention anywhere that those visual novels would be translated.
t7442.8552021-09-05Game inclusion in the DBI recently "obtained" it. Here are some screenshots: intro - title screen - prologue - first animated scene (Suggestive) - dialogue (fully automated)
t2108.39982021-09-03Candidates for deletionI knew i had to be more specific in the notes field... I will add more information in a moment and hope that's enough to keep that release in the db.
t8242.7552021-09-02The how to edit threadWhich relation should I use for individuals that creates/forms an amateur group but they still publish some short games on their own?
t3617.26202021-09-01Tags suggestions/fixes[Continuing the discussion from t10302.311] Maybe the problem lies in that Otome Game Jam is a child tag of Otome Game? Or maybe the Otome Game
t10302.3102021-09-01Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadWait... Why people would search Japanese games in a jam? Aren't those things only popular in the west? Also read the description of Otome Game Jam
t16924.12021-09-01About the g542 tagWould you mind in explaining your reasons on why are you downvoting the tags Otome Game and Otome Game Jam from a bunch of visual novels in t10302.308
t16923.12021-09-01About the g542 tagWould you mind in explaining your reasons on why are you downvoting the tags Otome Game and Otome Game Jam from a bunch of visual novels in t10302.308
t10302.3082021-09-01Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadThe problem with them is that they are also downvoting visual novels with the tag Otome Game Jam:link
t3314.26502021-08-31TraitsCan Mobile Phone have "smartphone" as an alias?